Temporary Visibility and Graphic Override

Temporary Visibility and Graphic Override



App temporarily changes appearance of Autodesk® AutoCAD® objects to help user during the design and helps to temporarily simplify more complex drawings. App is divided into three sections:


1) Display object vertices and their z-coordinates

As example Line can be displayed with cross symbol at start and end point of the line. Option to show Z-coordinate is also available.


2) Hide objects

Hide selected object type within entire drawing


3) Override object properties

Change all objects in entire drawing to selected mode (Color=ByLayer or White, Linetype=ByLayer or Continuous)


Note: App controls definition of how AutoCAD displays chosen objects.  App does not modify existing objects or add new objects into the drawing file.


For example, if you override Line to be displayed with vertices and open the same file with AutoCAD without this app then Line will be displayed without vertices.


Only data saved in drawing file are settings in VG-Override dialog window. However, if you re-open drawing file then app will turn off Apply option intentionally so you can see drawing without any override first.

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버전 1.13.0, 2023-06-06
Added 2024 support

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  • Great app
    Beekeeper CZ | 12월 06, 2014 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    Excellent ideas. Sometimes these functions are very useful. Simply solves things differently in autocad quite complicated to achieve.

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