Octal7 Polyline Traverse Label

Octal7 Polyline Traverse Label

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This set of features allow the azimuth or bearing to be displayed along polyline segments.  The length of each segment is also displayed along each segment.  The label options can be modified to show the elevation of the polyline rather than the traverse values.  Label display values work on the application level making them global to all drawings.

To have the labels displayed on a polyline the polyline must be on the specified layer in the options.  The default layer is V-TRAVERSE-X, any polyline on this layer will have the labels displayed.  This value can be changed to suit your needs by using the PTRAVOPTIONS command.  The dialog that displays gives access to all formatting for the labels including the type of labels, color, font and text size.  Label display can be toggled at any time using the PTRAVDISPLAY command.

Labels are visible in model and paper space viewports.  Labels can be automatically scaled to match the viewport scale.  The labels are also displayed when plotting.

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버전 1.0.0, 2019-07-03
First release.

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