CADtoWIN for Autodesk® AutoCAD®

CADtoWIN for Autodesk® AutoCAD®

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CADtoWIN extends the Microsoft SharePoint functionality inside of AutoCAD by supporting common file operations like open, save and much more to SharePoint websites in intranet or cloud environments. We offer the fastest and easiest deployment integration compared to similar solutions since we exploit latent functionality already present in Microsoft Windows Server technology. Our solution is also an affordable one, as we focus only on the features you really need.


Product Highlights 

• Support for loading, inserting and mapping external reference files within your CAD application, so you can organize all of your CAD project files to your SharePoint site. 

• Easy publication of your AutoCAD DWG files. 

• Low-priced, great quality compared to other EDMS. 

• Enables document collaboration. 

• Simple deployment, lowering IT costs. 

• Built on Microsoft .NET framework, providing development flexibility. 

• Enables efficient document organization, lowering storage and backup costs. 

• User-friendly training. Fast results! CADtoWIN is a solution made to link AutoCAD based applications dwg files to Microsoft SharePoint Technologies much the same way that Microsoft Office applications connect to SharePoint sites. 


CADtoWIN enables AutoCAD drawings to be opened, saved, checked online/offline out, versions history view, and checked in to the SharePoint Services document Library environment, and all such operations work within your familiar AutoCAD based application. In addition, CADtoWIN supports your drawing associated external reference files placed on your SharePoint site. With CADtoWIN, you can have the benefits of an Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) at a very small fraction of its normal cost.


You will enjoy organized files, version number control, and the ease of creating custom properties or metadata for your drawings. CADtoWIN will deliver all the power of Microsoft document collaboration infrastructure from right inside of your AutoCAD application in a friendly, intuitive and easy to use light application. Don’t think complex; think complete!


版本 3.18.29, 2022/3/30
AutoCAD 2023 compatible



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    Elhussein Elsabi | 十月 07, 2020