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The Save as SVG option will create an SVG file with color coding to identify perimeter (Blue), cutouts (Red), insets (Green) and texts (Black). Options are available to modify both the line weight and colors for all line types. The command is conveniently available in the context menu of a sketch object in the browser tree alongside the Save as DXF option provided by Fusion. You will be prompted to enter a filename and location.  


See detailed product description here Save As SVG


Use the power and convenience of Autodesk® Fusion™ sketch editor or simply project a sketch from a component in your model. Whatever the source Save as SVG will create an SVG file image you can use for your Laser cutting or to view from a browser. 


Note: The SVG file created will be the new standard 96 ppi. Older applications such as Illustrator may use 72 and will require scaling on import. 

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Version 1.15, 21/07/2020
- New option, Scale 72 ppi, for Adobe Illustrator

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