3D Voronoi Studio for Autodesk® Fusion 360™

3D Voronoi Studio for Autodesk® Fusion 360™

Mac OS, English

Perceptino Inc.
Using this plugin you can effortlessly and quickly generate Voronoi designs with full control over Voronoi sites (Voronoi points)

General Usage Instructions

  1. Select the "3D Voronoi Studio" button from ("TOOLS" tab -> PERCEPTINO Panel) or from (SOLID tab -> CREATE panel -> menu)
  2. Select a body to fracture in the "General" group or change the settings of the proxy box in the "Proxy" group 
  3. Create a list of distributors and change their settings using the "Distributors" tab to create Voronoi sites (Voronoi points)
  4. Select the desired outputs (Fragments, Gap Fillers and Voronoi Sites) and change their settings using the "Outputs" tab
  5. Select the desired appearances for fragments and gap fillers using the "Appearances" tab
  6. Click on the "Preview" button (eye button) or press the "Space" key to preview the output
  7. Click on the "Build" button to make the final fractured body (Unavailable in Trial Version) 




  1. Download the installer from Autodesk App Store.
  2. Right-click on the "Downloads" folder and select "Open in Finder".
  3. Right-click on the "FillGaps.bundle-macos.pkg" -> "Open With" -> "Installer". 



You can unload the add-in without uninstalling it by clicking the "Stop" button when the add-in is selected in the list box on the "Add-Ins" tab of the "Scripts and Add-Ins" dialog.

Unchecking "Run on Startup" causes the add-in not to be loaded in future sessions of Autodesk® Fusion 360™.

- Navigate to the ./ApplicationsPlugins folder and select the app bundle you want to uninstall

- Either drag the app bundle to the Trash or right-click and select “Move to Trash”

- Right-click on the Trash-Can and select “Empty Trash”

- If you prefer keystrokes, you can also just select the app bundle and then hit Command+Delete to move the app to Trash, then empty the Trash and the app will be removed.

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Company Name: Perceptino Inc.
Support Contact: support@perceptino.com

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Perceptino Inc.

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Added linked duplication (for distributors) Added scale transformation (for distributors) Moved to TOOLS tab
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