iFileName for Fusion 360

iFileName for Fusion 360

Win64, English

Cadspec Ltd
Automatic file naming during the day to day use of Fusion 360

General Usage Instructions

This software has been designed to provide a simple, easy to use interface to offer automatic file naming during the day to day use of Fusion 360. We have tried to make it as unobtrusive as possible.

Unlimited numbering sequences can be configured and provides seamless integration within Fusion 360.




You can unload the add-in without uninstalling it by clicking the "Stop" button when the add-in is selected in the list box on the "Add-Ins" tab of the "Scripts and Add-Ins" dialog.

Unchecking "Run on Startup" causes the add-in not to be loaded in future sessions of Fusion 360.

The installer that ran when you downloaded this app/plug-in from Autodesk Exchange Store has already installed the app/plug-in.

To uninstall this plug-in, exit the Autodesk product if you are currently running it, simply rerun the installer, and select the "Uninstall" button.

OR, you can uninstall it from 'Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features' (Windows 7/8/8.1) or Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP), just as you would uninstall any other application from your system.

Additional Information

When Uninstalling or Upgrading please remember to take a copy of your database as it could be removed or replaced. There should be very little that can go wrong with this addin. We have listed two of the most common questions we receive below

1. Database locked – Please Wait. If you have a locked database then run the ‘iFilename Setup’ command and select the ‘Unlock’ button. Whenever a user uses our database it is locked for a short time to allow exclusive access. From time to time this lock is not removed and the unlock option is only available when the lock is found.

2. I need to share the database on our network. During installation the database is placed within the installation directory. To allow multi-user access to a common database simple copy the database to a shared location on the network and direct each machine to access this database from the setup command. The database file to copy is called ‘iFileName.mdb’. Manual editing of this database is not supported. If you do encounter issues the please contact Cadspec either by email or phone, the details are listed below Telephone: +44 (0)1905 485000. Email: support@cadspec.co.uk

Known Issues


Company Name: Cadspec Ltd
Support Contact: support@cadspec.co.uk

Author/Company Information

Cadspec Ltd

Support Information

Company Name: Cadspec Ltd
Support Contact: support@cadspec.co.uk

Version History

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Minor Buf fix. Updated Settings file.

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