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My Logo

Win64, English

Shows your logo in the Autodesk® Fusion 360™ workspace window. Streaming, teaching or sharing your modeling process to a crowd? Make sure that they remember you by having your logo always present.

General Usage Instructions

Select your logo image by going to UTILITIES → MY LOGO → Set image....

The image will now be shown in the lower right corner of Fusion 360.

You can show/hide the logo by choosing Show/hide logo from the menu or pressing the MY LOGO button.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description

Set image...

Select which image to show as your logo

Show/hide logo

Show/hide the logo


Activate the add-in and manage your license.


Information about the add-in.


The installer that ran when you downloaded this app/plug-in from Autodesk App Store will start installing the app/plug-in. Or, simply double-click the downloaded installer to install the app/plugin.

You can unload the add-in without uninstalling it by clicking the "Stop" button when the add-in is selected in the list box on the "Add-Ins" tab of the "Scripts and Add-Ins" dialog.
Unchecking "Run on Startup" causes the add-in not to be loaded in future sessions of Fusion 360.
To uninstall this plug-in, exit the Autodesk product if you are currently running it, simply rerun the installer, and select the "Uninstall" button.

Or, you can uninstall it from 'Control Panel/Programs and Features' (Windows 8.1/10/11), just as you would uninstall any other application from your system.

Additional Information


The software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement. In no event shall the authors or copyright holders be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with the software or the use or other dealings in the software.

Known Issues


Company Name: Axalea
Company URL:
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information


Support Information

Feel free to send an e-mail if there are problems with the add-in. Please describe exactly what to do to trigger the problem. Also, include any error messages. Please allow for some time for the response as this is a small business.

Version History

Version Number Version Description


* Support for Fusion 360 2.0.15995 x86_64 (release in April 2023)


* Fix bug where MyLogo was not loading.


First release
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