HP 3D Printers for Autodesk® Fusion®

HP 3D Printers for Autodesk® Fusion®

Win64, English

Autodesk, Inc.
The Addin is a connector between Autodesk® Fusion® and the HP 3D printers and is used to send over jobs directly to the HP Software and/or Hardware.

General Usage Instructions

•If desired download and install HP SmartStream from https://support.hp.com/de-de/drivers/selfservice/hp-smartstream-software-for-hp-jet-fusion-3d-printers/15831735 (The correct installer is "HP SmartStream 3D Build Manager for HP Jet Fusion 3D Printer software package")

•(See "Setting up HP SmartStream" in the "Additional Information" section)

•Run Fusion 

•Load this AddIn (see "Additional Information" section)

•Open an existing Design or Create a Component in the “Design” Workspace


At this point, you have 2 options. You can either;

•Click the "Create HP Setup" button in the "SOLID" tab located in the "3D PRINT " panel of the Design Workspace.

•Select your printer from the “HP Printers” drop down menu in the “CREATE HP SETUP” dialog and press OK.


•Switch to the "Manufacture" Workspace and activate the "Additive" Tab

•Open the "Setup" Dialog

•Create a new Setup (operation type = Additive) with any HP Machine in the Manufacture Workspace. The printer is in the "Fusion Library" list.

•The HP 3D Printers for Fusion AddIn supports all HP 3D Printers (Multi Jet Fusion 300, 500, 3200, 4200, 5200, 5400 and 5600 Printer Series, Metal Jet S100)


At this point, you have 2 options. You can either;

•Click the "Send to HP SmartStream" button in the "Additive" tab located in the "HP" panel of the Manufacture Workspace, if you installed the "HP SmartStream 3D build manager". This action will open HP SmartStream 3D build manager and load the job from Fusion for further processing and sending to the printer.


•Click the “Connect and Print” button in the "Additive" tab located in the "HP" panel of the Manufacture Workspace. This action will open a new dialog where you will be able to type in the IP address of your HP 3D printer and connect to it directly from Fusion. Once connected you will be able to see the printer details, and warnings / Error messages coming back from the printer, your previous jobs on that printer. 

•Select your build source (Active Setup vs 3mf file). 

•Select a material.

•Select a print profile. At this point you can also customize your print profile if desired.

•Send the job directly to the printer.

•Monitor the progress using the “JOBLIST” tab





Double-click the downloaded installer from Autodesk App Store to install the app/plug-in.

You can unload the add-in without uninstalling it by clicking the "Stop" button when the add-in is selected in the list box on the "Add-Ins" tab of the "Scripts and Add-Ins" dialog.
Unchecking "Run on Startup" causes the add-in not to be loaded in future sessions of Fusion.


- go to 'Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features', just as you would uninstall any other application from your system.

OR, rerun the installer and select the "Uninstall" button.

Additional Information

Setting up HP SmartStream

Before using the "Send to HP SmartStream" option available in this AddIn you have to install the HP SmartStream Application:


Starting the Add-In

The HP 3D Printers for Fusion Add-In can be started manually in the "Add-Ins" tab of the "Scripts and Add-Ins" dialog after installation by selecting the "HP_3DPrinters" Add-In and clicking the "Run" button. It is also possible to always start the Add-In on the startup of Fusion by checking the "Run on Startup" checkbox


Other Add-Ins you may want to use in conjunction with this Add-In:



3D Printing Essentials



Known Issues


Company Name: Autodesk, Inc.

Author/Company Information

Autodesk, Inc.

Support Information

Overview of Supported Commands

- Send Job to HP SmartStream: Converts bodies within the active additive Setup to mesh bodies and transfers them to HP SmartStream 3D Build manager for further processing and sending to the printer 

Connect and Print: Connects Fusion to HP CommandCenter. Once connected, displays printer status and previous jobs. Use the options to select material and print profiles and customize them if needed. Send the active additive setup as a job to the printer.

Version History

Version Number Version Description

Bug Fixes: 1. The "Create HP setup" ignores MESH bodies while generating an Additive Setup.

Improvements: 1. You can now choose to submit either the Active Additive Setup or a Custom 3mf file to your machine via the HP App. Such a 3mf file can also include extensions that are not natively supported by Fusion such as the beam lattice extension. (you can learn more about this here: https://3mf.io/features/2023/09/reducing-file-size-with-3mf-beam-lattice/) 2. Print profile customization access points now utilize icons and tooltips instead of text. 3. Adds the "Create HP setup" command to the "3D Print" panel within the DESIGN workspace to several tabs, including PLASTIC and FORM. Bug Fixes: 1. The add-in fails to export the Active setup to HP SmartStream 3D build manager when the setup name has spaces in it. 2. Components are duplicated in place during the export process if an additive setup was created using the HP icon in the Ribbon UI within Fusion's DESIGN workspace

Adds "Create HP setup" command in new panel named "3D Print" within the DESIGN workspace to several tabs, including SOLID, MESH and UTILITIES. This command allows you to select your HP Printer, switches the UI to the MANUFACTURE workspace, creates a new Manufacturing Model and an Additive Setup for your selected HP Printer.

Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue within the Profile Selection step where certain printers had customizable parameters that could hang the User Interface.

Bug Fixes: When customizing print settings, certain editable parameters were not being exposed for customization. This version corrects that issue and ensures that all profile parameters that can be modified are editable.

Improvements: 1. In addition to "Print Profiles", this version allows users to select all relevant Profile options such as; Annealing, Cooling, Etc. within the "Other Profiles" section in Step 2 of "Send Job to Printer" tab. Bug Fixes: 1. When sending jobs with customized profile parameters to the HP MJF printers, certain customizations were being ignored. This version corrects that issue and ensures all profile parameter customizations are sent to the printer.

Bug Fixes: - Updated tooltips within "Printer Management" dialog. - Job name is now persistent after a job submission. - Fixed an issue within the Profile Selection step where customized settings were not being saved for certain jobs.

Improvements: - New UI: This version of the app has a brand new user interface with a webpage like interaction mode. - Machine management: Users can add their printers to a local library and recall them when using the app. They can modify and delete machines from this library as well - Customizable print profiles: User can select the default print profile or customize it within the allowed limits as defined by HP. - A preview image on the printer's monitor: jobs submitted via this app now display a thumbnail / preview image on the machine.  - Ability to disconnect from a printer: User can disconnect from the printer within the app manually, and the app automatically disconnects from the printer upon closing.

Improvements: - The Add-In now works with both V2 and legacy format machines. - All print profiles supported by HP APIs can now be selected and submitted during job ticket creation. - Components are automatically transformed to the correct coordinates for all supported HP printers when a job is submitted.  - If the printer's job queue is full, a new error message is displayed after submitting a job ticket to the printer.

This version of the app works with printers defined using Fusion 360's Machine V1 technology. Please turn off the "Conversion to Machine V2" preview feature from your preferences before creating an additive setup to use this app. Improvements: - Moved the commands to a new panel called "HP" - Added a new function "Connect and Print"

Improvements: - added addin localization (German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese)

Fixes in this release: - Fix hanging Fusion when creating drawing from Design Workspace and Add-In is running

Initial Release
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