Bevel Gear Creator

Bevel Gear Creator

Win64, English

Graham Chow
Create Bevel Gears for 3d printing.

General Usage Instructions

Fill in the parameters.

Create Wheel (not Pinion): You can either create the wheel or the pinion gear, not both at once. Re-run the create to create the other. 

Number of Wheel Teeth: The number of teeth for the wheel.

Number of Pinion Teeth: The number of teeth for the pinion. 

Module: The gear's module.

Shaft Angle: This would be 90 degrees for bevel gears that are perpendicular.

Face Width: The width of the teeth.

Root Clearance Per Module: The gap between the tip of the tooth of one gear to the bottom of the dedendum of the other, see app screenshot

Involute Clearance Per Module: The gap shaved off the involute surface of the gear, see app screenshot

Profile Shift Coefficient: The shift in the contact point of the gears, see app screenshot.

Hub Hole Radius: The hole radius in the hub.

Max Dedendum to Back Width: The maximum distance between the bottom of the dedendum and the back face of the gear, see app screenshot.

Shaft Radius: The radius of the shaft holding the gear.

Shaft Length: The Length of the shaft holding the gear.

Number of Spline Points: The number of spline points used to create the involute





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Company Name: Graham Chow
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Graham Chow

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Improved performance. Fixed a corner case bug where it would not produce a profile.
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