Voronoi Studio
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This product is a bundle of two add-ins: 3D Voronoi Studio and 2D Voronoi Studio. Using them you can quickly generate 3D and 2D Voronoi designs (Voronoi Solid Bodies and Sketches) in Autodesk® Fusion 360™ 


These add-ins differ in nature and features. The 3D add-in operates by internally fracturing a solid body through splitting, whereas the 2D add-in directly generates a sketch.



  • Fast generation of 2D and 3D Voronoi designs with full control over Voronoi sites (Voronoi Points)
  • Interactive creation of Voronoi sites (Voronoi points) using a list of 2D and 3D parametric distributors
  • 18 different 2D and 3D parametric distributor types (3D Voronoi Studio) and 15 different 2D parametric distributor types (2D Voronoi Studio) 
  • Iterative relaxation of Voronoi sites (2D Voronoi Studio)
  • Conversion of each distributor to "Coordinates Distributor" to control Voronoi sites at the point level 
  • Interactive transformation of individual distributors
  • Creation of gap fillers between fragments
  • Full control over the automatic assignment of appearances to fragments and gap fillers
  • Supporting non-rectangular diagram borders using profiles (2D Voronoi Studio)
  • Supporting profiles with holes (2D Voronoi Studio)
  • Previewing output
  • Exploding fragments (3D Voronoi Studio)
  • Duplication and linked duplication of distributors
  • Saving and loading presets
  • Loading the last executed command preset or the last previewed command preset 


Distributor Types: 

  1. Body (3D Voronoi Studio)
  2. Profile (2D Voronoi Studio)
  3. Faces (Common)
  4. Curves (Common)
  5. Points (Common)
  6. Linear (Common)
  7. Square (Common)
  8. Rectangular (Common)
  9. Circular (Common)
  10. Elliptical (Common)
  11. Polygonal (Common)
  12. Planar (Common)
  13. Grid (Common)
  14. Radial (Common)
  15. Spiral (Common)
  16. Box (3D Voronoi Studio)
  17. Cylindrical (3D Voronoi Studio)
  18. Spherical (3D Voronoi Studio)
  19. Coordinates (Common) 


Sketch Styles: (2D Voronoi Studio) 

  1. Straight Lines
  2. Straight Lines with Fillet
  3. Curved Lines


Output Types: 

  1. Solid Body Frgaments (3D Voronoi Studio)
  2. Sketches (2D Voronoi Studio)
  3. Patches (2D Voronoi Studio)
  4. Extrudes (2D Voronoi Studio)
  5. Sweeps (Common)

About This Version

Version 3.0.0, 7/25/2023
- UI Improvements - New Sweeps Profile Types - Bug Fixes

Customer Reviews

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  • MAC Catalina
    Richard Wimmer | June 20, 2023 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Voronoi Studio wird auf meinem Mac installiert, startet aber nicht bzw. kann die Datei nicht einbinden unter Zusatzmodule.

    - Problem gelöst. Das Antivierenprogramm hat den Eintrag verhindert. 

    Navid Nikbin (Publisher) | June 21, 2023

    Dear Wimmer, After installing Voronoi Studio, when you click on [UTILITIES tab -> ADD-INS Panel -> Script and Add-Ins button] two items named 2DVoronoiStudio and 3DVoronoiStudio should be added to the Add-Ins tab (2nd tab) of the Scripts and Add-ins dialog box and their [Run on Startup] checkboxes should be selected. Are these items available in your fusion 360 interface? If not, please install the add-in again. If they are available and running, there should be two buttons corresponding to [2D Voronoi Studio] and [3D Voronoi Studio] at [UTILITIES tab -> PERCEPTINO Panel]. If after re-installing, the issue is not resolved, please check to see if the VoronoiStudio.bundle is installed in the correct location. (Users/[User Name]/Library/Containers/com.autodesk.msa.fusion360/Data/Library/Application Support/Autodesk/ApplicationPlugins). We have one report that on a Mac computer the installer has installed the add-in in [System/Library/] instead of (Users/...).

  • A bundle of two complementary useful add-ins
    Golnaz A | May 12, 2022 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Although you can make interesting voronoi models with any of the add-ins in this bundle, having both together allows you to choose the optimal design method for your project. The 2D add-in for sketch-based voronoi designs and 3D add-in for non-flat designs. In most cases, I prefer using the 2D version because the output is sketch based. But some non-flat models that can be created with the 3D add-in cannot be created with the 2D version.

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