Bevel gears maker (Advanced)

Bevel gears maker (Advanced)




The plugin creates bevel gears for angles from 10 to 179 degrees. This version makes shafts with spiral and zerol teeth (shaft angle 60-120 degrees (1)).


Available features:

  • module (m): <0.5; 40> [mm],
  • clearance factor (fc): <0.1; 0.25> (factor = mfc),
  • pressure angle (α): <14.5; 25.0> [°],
  • shaft angle (Σ): <10.0; 179.0> [°],
  • teeth shape: straight, spiral, zerol,
  • teeth direction of pinion (for spiral, zerol),
  • helix angle (β): <10.0; 40.0> [°] (for spiral),
  • manual or automatic tooth width (b): <m; 0.5Re (2)> [mm],
  • manual or automatic cutter radius (cr): <1.2b; 2b> [mm],
  • pinion teeth number (zp): <8; 100>,
  • pinion backlash (bp): <-0.1m; 0.1m> [mm],
  • wheel teeth number (zw): <zp; 300>,
  • wheel backlash (bw): <-0.1m; 0.1m> [mm],
  • tip relief (addendum) modification,
  • tip relief width factor (tfw): <0.01; 0.1> (width = mtfw),
  • tip relief height factor (tfh): <0.1; 0.5> (height = mtfh),
  • adding chamfers,
  • chamfer width factor (fw): <0.1; 0.25> (width = mfw),
  • chamfer height factor (fh): <0.1; 0.25> (height = mfh),
  • crowning,
  • crowning width factor (fcr): <0.01; 0.05> (width = mfcr),
  • showing preview (none, 3D, 3D with descriptions (3)),
  • showing estimated time (rounded up to first 10 seconds),
  • showing progress with ability to cancel,
  • save, load, autoload, reset parameters,
  • creating shafts in a new document,
  • adding joints (4),
  • adding axes,
  • info icon redirecting to the product's data (5),
  • information about files used by the plugin ("Information" tab)


Execution of the plugin for small (ex. z10/z30) takes less than 15 seconds on i7/8GB RAM/512GB SSD computer. For a larger number of teeth, it can take a few minutes. During the operation a progress bar with the current step is visible and the process can be canceled.



The program doesn't check interferences automatically and doesn't perform any analysis of prepared components. Please make sure that the necessary check is done before releasing this onto production. Samples on how to perform interference, sections, and motion analysis are presented on my YouTube channel.


(1) Internal spiral and zero gears cannot be made by standard cutters but can be manufactured by 3D printing or CNC machining.

(2) Re - cone distance

(3) Additional parameters will be visible:

     For gear: pitch diameter (d), pitch cone angle (δ), virtual radius (R), virtual teeth number (zv), type (straight, spiral, zerol), the direction of teeth (L, R) for spiral and zerol,

     For shaft section: shaft angle (Σ), cone distance (Re), tooth width (b),

     Cutter tool (only for spiral and zerol): radius (cr), helix angle (β) for spiral

(4) Formulas for defining motion link and performing motion analysis are available in the description of component - see the first video about the update,

(5) When you don't have permissions to the plugin directory this icon won't be shown but you'll read on the "Information" tab where the plugin directory is and what permissions you need to add.

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About This Version

Version 3.0.0, 5/26/2020
**Version 3.0.0 (2020-05-07)** New: * 1:1 shaft available (same number of teeth for pinion and wheel), * customized or automatic tooth's width, * range of tooth's width (b): [mm], * customized or automatic cutter radius, * range of cutter radius (rc): [mm], * tip relief (addendum), * range of tip relief width factor (tfw): <0.01; 0.1>, * range of tip relief height factor (tfh): <0.1; 0.5>, * crowning, * range of crowning factor (fcr): <0; 0.05>, * menu section at the top, * preview (none, 3D, 3D with descriptions), * adding joints (revolute), * displaying estimated time, * process can be cancelled, * axis in gears (exact center for further processing), * descriptions in components (motion link formulas, parameters), * motion link formulas both for pinion and wheel in components' descriptions, * plugin info icon with redirection to the product's page Changes: * spiral and zerol teeth available in range <60; 120> [°] of shaft angle, * teeth shape list replaced by buttons, * range of clearance factor (fc): <0.1; 0.25>, * range of helix angle (β): <10; 40> [°], * removed type of shaft (set automatically), * removed "root fillet radiuses" for pinion and wheel (both driven by clearance factor), * backlash range (bp, br): <-0.3; 0.3> [mm], * when chamfers are on, the minimum value of a factor is 0.1, * range of chamfer factors (fw, fh): <0.1; 0.25>, * "Helix settings" section reorganized, * interface divided into tabs, * save, load, reset buttons moved from bottom to the menu, * last used parameters, statistics and error files moved to the plugin's directory, * new (blue) icon of the plugin in the dedicated "SHWIVEL" tab Fixed: * wrong validation of some parameters, * wrong helix angle for shafts different than 90°, * IO errors when the user has no permissions to the plugin's folder

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  • Thank you so much!
    Ben Acland | October 21, 2020 Verified Download (What's this?)

    This is the third shwivel plugin I've bought, and the third shwivel plugin that's turned out to be exactly what I needed. Thank you for the fine work!

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