MapBoards Pro is a utility to arrange cut layout and output both SVG and DXF for laser, CNC cutting, and aid with material management for conventional woodworking projects using Autodesk® Fusion 360™.


It will perform the following:

  • Create a component map by Arranging copies of model components on a cut layout of the specified dimensions minimizing waste. The map can Include selected components or all components in the model (the default). A quantity and grain direction can be specified on selected components. 
  • or Export a flat panel design from a created component map as a multi-layered DXF file
  • or Export a flat panel design from a created component map as an SVG file with color-coded layers in standard 96 ppi. Multiple options including Deepnest format.
  • Model can include linked components or assemblies


The context menu of the map component provides additional tasks to export a flat panel design of the created map as DXF or SVG files. There is also a Label Map task with options to customize.


*** Map Report ***  This new task will create a HTML file displayable in a browser providing mapped board images, cutlist table, materials table and options selected.  The webpage can be emailed to share and it is reactive to view display sizes from a full size desktop to a mobile device.  From the browser you can print or create a PDF and since it contains both the map images and the options used you can easily compare the effects that the options have on the resulting map.  See full description here. https://icarussoftlandings.com/app/option/mapreport


The DXF file or SVG file can be adjusted for a specified kerf matching a laser cutter kerf.  


The DXF will contain 4 or more layers which include perimeter, cutouts, labels, and an inset layer for each depth as viewed from the top view. The SVG will include the same layer information uniquely identified with color. See detailed product description here MapBoards Pro


More enhancements are planned for this Pro version.


Note: MapBoards Pro can be found in the Create dropdown menu of the Model Workspace.

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Version 2.44, 1/19/2021
- DXF export now places holes in separate layers grouped and labeled with diameter and depth - Added option to run the Report task as a Map Type - Fix Y Up orientation issue with SVG export

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