ACDC4Robot is an open-sourced add-in for Autodesk® Fusion® for exporting robot models into URDF, SDFormat, and MJCF. This add-in aims to accelerate the process from robot design to robot simulation.


Robot description format (RDF) contains information about the robot model which is required by simulation, visualization, planning, etc. In this project, we provide a Fusion Add-In for generating robot description files automatically from robot design.


Currently, this Add-In supports exporting URDF, SDFormat, and MJCF. URDF (Unified Robotics Description Format) is the most widely used robot description format but has several limitations and lacks of updates. SDFormat (Simulation Description Format) has more features than URDF, such as supporting a closed loop chain mechanism. Other robot description formats might be supported in the future.


More information such as usage can be found at the project repository provided below.


Project address: https://github.com/bionicdl-sustech/ACDC4Robot

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Version 1.0.0, 7/4/2024
Initial Release.

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