Equation Driven Curve

Equation Driven Curve

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This add-in creates 3D curves from user-supplied parametric equations.  Curves can be specified in Cartesian, cylindrical, or spherical coordinates.


A live preview is shown in Autodesk® Fusion 360™ as the parameters are updated, and when the command is executed, the curve is created in the current sketch.

About This Version

Version 2.0.0, 3/18/2021
Added cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems. Remember last curve definitions for each coordinate system. Improved curve preview quality.

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  • Works fine, but only in empty sketches...
    William Thomas | July 06, 2022 Verified Download (What's this?)

    When I have used this in blank designs, or sketches based off an origin plane, it works brilliantly, but if there are any projected entities within the sketch, the preview works but when I press 'OK', it makes a horrible curve — it uses a fit-point-spline, on the same points as the normal control-point-spline would be. This is a really weird bug, but it severely limits the extension's usability.

  • good idea but bad put into practice
    simone leone | March 20, 2022 Verified Download (What's this?)

    I've been trying for two days this addon and it makes fusion slow down and frequent crashes. The idea, like i said, is good but personally use this addon is impossible with the frequency of crashes. I will contact the technical assistance and i'll se what happens

  • 10x input dimension?
    Quan Nguyen | February 07, 2022 Verified Download (What's this?)

    The add-in was an awesome addition to Fusion. However, it seems like the curve resulted in 10x of its input fn. A 10mm-radius circle turned out to have a radius of 100mm...

  • Great! Almost Perfect
    Terence Asher | March 22, 2021 Verified Download (What's this?)

    This tool is nearly perfect! Thank you so much for developing this. I have one small sugestion: add a way to increase/decrease the number of points in the equation - I am trying to make some cyclocycloid discs and unfortunately the 128 max number of points is insufficient. I've tried breaking it down into sections, but the default # points decreases whenever I try to plot a single peak! 

    Beside this, it appears this tool can handle just about anything! And the update is awesome too. Thank you!

    Terence Asher | March 23, 2021

    Edit: the max number of spline points is 256, but since Fusion doesn't allow curves to be connected THEN closed, that's still not enough. Also, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the units/scale to work! These are my equations but whenever I put them in, I never ge the right sizes (I've tried converting the numbers to cm as you pointed out earlier, but to no avail). x(t) = 1.25*((44*sin(t)-(0.7*sin(44*t))+((2*0.0625*(0.7*sin(44*t)-sin(t))))/(sqrt(1-(1.4*cos(43*t))+0.49)))) y(t) = 1.25*((44*cos(t)-(0.7*cos(44*t))+((2*0.0625*(0.7*cos(44*t)-cos(t))))/(sqrt(1-(1.4*cos(43*t))+0.49)))) 0<t<2pi

  • Works great, but dimensions are a factor 10 wrong?
    Koen Ceyssens | July 31, 2020 Verified Download (What's this?)

    App is working great, but I think there is something wrong with the dimensions. I have to add "0.1*" in front of all equations, otherwise the dimensions seem to be wrong.

    Would be good if last settings were saved when app is opened again.

    Great work!

    Ben Longo | March 08, 2021

    This is because the internal default unit within scripts is cm

  • Not working in the latest version of Fusion360
    Eros Nicolau | May 27, 2020 Verified Download (What's this?)

    I am currently using v.2.0.8407, where the "Model" workspace has been renamed "Design". And the Equation Driven Curve option doesn't show up there (maybe because it wants to be displayed in the "Model" workspace, which it can't find?)

    Alan McIntyre (Publisher) | July 17, 2020

    There is an update in process with some fixes and improvements. You should be able to find the menu item in Sketch under Create. Note that you'll need to have a sketch open in order for this set of menus to be available.

  • Just what I am looking for ... but I am using macOS
    Gordon Rollins | December 28, 2019

    Please publish a version for macOS!!

    Alan McIntyre (Publisher) | February 25, 2020

    At the moment I don' have the necessary tools for Mac C++ development, or the time to get familiar with them, as all of my current paid projects are on Windows or Linux.If you want to contribute to me having spare resources to pursue Mac development, please bring all the other Mac users to my Patreon page and chip in. :)

  • This is very interesting. Please publish a Mac version.
    George Kafkoulis | October 05, 2019


    Steven Allen | December 29, 2019

    Thank you for making this available. Great start. It would be very useful to add a value to adjust the number of point to be used. I am trying to graph a complex shape and it is working very well except there are not enough points to accurately represent the details of the computed shape. If you would be willing to share the source, I would be happy to help with some enhancements.

    Alan McIntyre (Publisher) | February 25, 2020

    Unfortunately at the moment I don't have the spare time to do a Mac version or to untangle the app's code from my private codebase that I use to support paid projects. You can help change that by supporting me on Patreon. ;)

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