Manufacturing Sustainability Insights

Manufacturing Sustainability Insights

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Manufacturing Sustainability Insights (MSI) is a new tool designed to help Autodesk® Fusion® users build greener products.

This tool addresses a significant challenge in the industry: Up to 80% of a product's lifetime emissions are determined at the design stage, but many companies lack the necessary data during the development process to make environmentally conscious decisions. 


MSI bridges this data gap by providing embodied carbon data directly within Fusion, enabling designers to create the most sustainable version of their product.

This addin is powered by Gravity Climate, a renowned carbon accounting and decarbonization platform for industrial applications.

It offers Fusion users unparalleled and real-time visibility into the carbon impact of various design and manufacturing variables, including material selection, manufacturing process, and geography. 


With a few simple clicks, users can calculate the carbon emissions of their designs and identify alternatives to reduce the product's carbon footprint.

All calculations are provided in real-time via the Gravity Climate API, backed by the latest climate science and the most granular, transparent data available. 


MSI is an excellent opportunity for designers exploring sustainability and looking to showcase their contributions to senior stakeholders.

It provides valuable early insights in the design phase, helping designers reduce embodied carbon in products, optimize resource consumption, simplify reporting and disclosure, and promote green product design. 


In summary, MSI is a powerful tool that allows Fusion users to design with sustainability in mind, ultimately meeting company sustainability goals and consumer demand for green products. 

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