Cylindrical Gear Maker

Cylindrical Gear Maker



The plugin creates cylindrical gears for various sets of parameters. The program lets to choose the shape of teeth, the system of the module, dimensioning of the module, units and much more. It is also possible to create simple shafts and rings if necessary. Full documentation about installation, parameters and description of functions are available in the user's guide. Information about invoices is available in Consulting Services section (please click More to expand the section).

About This Version

Version 3.0.0, 5/19/2021
New: * arc teeth, * optional fillet in the middle of flank in herringbone gears, * diametral and circular pitch mode for the module, * decimal or HMS mode of angles, * optional creation in the same design, * optional hole in external gears, * manual guide, * two types of tip relief, * "copy item" option, * precision of displayed dimensions and values, * optional custom diameter of ball/pin measurement, * optional additional outside fillets in internal gears, * four modes of finishing (old "chamfers"), * separate section for displaying parameters (much more readable, moved from the preview), * unified toolclips and graphics Fixed: * error in direct designs, * inversed backlash in internal gears, * lack of root fillets in internal gears

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