MapBoards is a utility which maps component bodies in a model to the available board types specified.  It is intended to be used with serveral project types. 

  • Assemblies to be cut from plywood using a CNC
  • DXF file flat pattern output for waterjet, plasma or laser cutting
  • Traditional cabinetry project cut using a table saw or bandsaw  

Options are available for a Map Type with bodies, sketch only, or output to DXF file.  Also to select a mapping arrangement type, output a cutlist, label components, or to add spacing to board edge.

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Version 1.22, 9/28/2018
- bug fix Version 1.21, 9/14/2018 - DXF file output assigns colors to Outer (Blue) and Inner (Red) sketch loops - Bug fix for Laser Kerf Version 1.20, 8/28/2018 - Map Type option added which includes Sketch output to DXF file for flat pattern output - Laser Kerf option added which resizes each component sketch by plus or minus half the Kerf size for Sketch and DXF File output - Renamed Saw Kerf to Component Spacing to avoid confusion Version 1.00, 04/12/18 Initial release

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  • Insanity!
    Anders Dahl | October 08, 2018 Verified Download (What's this?)

    I know nothing of coding plugins, but optimize the handling a bit, so it processes large sheets faster and you have a very very nice tool. Also, raise price to something like 15 dollars. For businesses, this tool could be worth a couple of hundred, easily..

    Awesome work!

  • Excellent Job
    James Marks | August 25, 2018 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Does exactly what I need to layout panels for my CNC machine. 

    I will literally pay more for this if some extra features could be added. 


  • Underpriced
    Ronald Tidd | June 30, 2018 Verified Download (What's this?)

    I'm new to Fusion360, want to do my own kitchen cabinets, and was stuggling trying to figure out how to do this.  At two dollars I almost didn't go for it, because it had to be a toy at that price, right?  I'm very pleased, I may have to go back and fix a couple newbie mistakes on my end but this add on is just flat out awesome.

    My only comment for those wondering if they should buy it, is to check out a video on youtube.  Being a nube at Fusion 360 and plugins, I needed youtube to get started, and then was promptly blown away.

    Way too cheap for what this is. :)  Thank you.

  • Nice, but
    Bla Blub | June 01, 2018 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Very nice. Makes the workflow a lot easier. One improvement I still have. You could link the parts with jionts in a way that they keep the distance even if the size of the parts change. I know that can wreak havok, if it't not fitting on the plate any more or start overlapping in the second row.

    I just can't understand why this was necessary and not integrated in fusion in the first place. But there a lot of QoL features that inventor has that fusion would need. But we are not getting them.

    Vladimir Trubin | May 17, 2018 Verified Download (What's this?)

    ARE YOU KIDDIN' ME? i have been doing it a hard way all along...

    i make complex furniture using 20 sheets and dozens ( if not hundreds ) of pieces



    THANK YOU!!!

  • Amazingly useful!
    Jan Khynych | May 01, 2018 Verified Download (What's this?)


    I am totally happy with this plug in, really a useful timesaver for me! For further development I would suggest to automatically group all the items generated with the plug in so it would all take only 1 position on a timeline. Then the user could expand the group only if needed. Not really a functional matter, but helps the timeline keeping clean and tidy:-) In previous version I also could not save default values but it seems to be fixed for now. Keep up the great work and thank you!



    Bill Vanca (Publisher) | May 02, 2018

    Jan, great suggestion. I'll include the creating of a timeline group for MapBoards in next weeks update.

  • great app
    Maksim Gromov | April 12, 2018 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Sometimes it works fine, but sometimes it positions parts with collisions. Using version 1.4. This app has a great potential and when it's finished it will worth much more than 2$. So now I consider it ok for the educational purposes, as for production, well, 80%.

  • HIGHLY recommended software.
    Rene Van Der Weide | April 11, 2018 Verified Download (What's this?)

    It perfectly suits my needs. Very convenient in use. The developer is very helpfull. (no affiliation, besides that fact that it's a polite and helpfull guy) It would be helpfull if you could save some standard sheet-sizes to select from. (it saves the values you used, but it would be handy if you could do it with 1 selection instead of 2) Highly recommended. Updating works flawless, installation works like a charm too. 

  • Finally!!!
    Michael Woodrum | April 08, 2018 Verified Download (What's this?)

    I just bought this in the pff chance that it would work well. I, until this moment, have been using a program called sketchlist for s few years now. it is cumbersome to design in and the cost is not $2.

    I installed the plugin and ran it. It worked, perfectly, the first time. I forgot that I made my cabinets in mm and had to convert the stock dimensions. I know it is working with the document measurements, but having the abililty to use whatever measurement would make it a little faster. That is just a little thing though. 

    Thank you for making this plugin, I can finally stop using that sketchlist program and combine all of my design workflow into 1 program.

    Bill Vanca (Publisher) | April 10, 2018

    Michael, so glad you fine MapBoards useful. On the input units you can basically type in any unit you prefer including formulas and/or user defined parameters, fractions, etc. Say for example your design is created in mm, which you prefer, and the default units is in inches you can enter a Width and Length in mm by adding the units like this: Width 100 mm Length 200 mm. An updated version, 1.04, will be available today with some bug fixes which you are entitled to download at no cost.

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