Mold Commands

Mold Commands

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  1. Create a nested box - A die outline (cuboid) is generated by giving a margin distance or x-axis, y-axis, and Z-axis dimensions to the product solid.
  2. Create a nested cylinder - A die outline (cylindrical body) is generated by giving a cylindrical radius, height, and depth distance to the product solid.
  3. Parting surfaces generation command by parting lines extrusion - Generate parting surfaces by extruding edge lines (parting lines).
  4. Parting surfaces generation command by parting lines offset - Generate parting surfaces by offsetting the edge lines (parting lines).
  5. Connection surface generation (fill the gap between parting surfaces) command - Generate a parting surface in the gap between parting surfaces that are not connected.
  6. Split command by parting surface - The mold core is divided into the cores on the parting surface.
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Version 2.1.0, 9/6/2019
In v1, commands such as nesting generation, extrusion parting surface generation, offset parting surface generation, surface generation to fill the parting surface, and division by parting surface are provided. In v2, a variation of nesting box dimension input was added, and cylindrical nesting was supported. In V2.1, the help has been improved.

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  • It is the exact tool i need
    Shaheed Hassan | October 08, 2019 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Thanks for the tool. It works amazing



    Saria Halak | April 19, 2020

    thank you

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