Mold Commands V4.2E
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  1. Remove Holes: If there are holes in the product, remove holes.
  2. Parting Extrusion: Create extruded parting surfaces on the X-axis, Y-axis, or Z-axis.
  3. Parting Offset: Create offset parting surfaces along the XY plane, YZ plane, or ZX plane.
  4. Parting Extraction: Extract and save as the parting surface on the solid body face.
  5. Parting Connect: Create a connection parting surface in the parting surface gap.
  6. Parting Combine: Combine the two overwrapped parting surfaces into one.
  7. Parting Stitch: Join all parting surfaces to make a single surface body.
  8. Nesting (Rectangular): Create the outer box to be the base of the mold.
  9. Nesting (Cylinder): Create the outer cylinder to be the base of the mold.
  10. Parting Split: Split the mold into two parts by the parting surface body.
  11. Stick hole: Connect the hole parts to the mold body.


Verzió V4.2E, 2023. 10. 12.
It corresponds to when there is a hole in the product. Add commands such as hole remove, parting face join, and hole part join, and use the parting face store component and hole part store component. In V4.1, in order to increase the success rate of cavity and core separate, the parting surface extraction command and the parting surface combine command have been added. In V4.2, changed menus,fixed minor bugs and help, and changed the user interface of the stitch parting faces command and Stick holes command.

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