QR Code Creator

QR Code Creator

Kevin Ramsay



This add-in will create a QR code from the text. 


The QR code is automatically generated from a user-specified text. There are also options to modify the size of each QR code "segment", modify the spacing between each QR code "segment", include a "frame" and change the style of the QR code (squares or circles) depending on the required result.

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Verzió 4.0, 2019. 11. 15.
- Added support for multiple line text e.g. Business card details. - Added a setting to adjust the size of the QR code "segment" spacing. - Added a setting to adjust the size of the QR code "frame". - New algorithm for improved performance and accuracy. - New icons and images to support high resolution monitors. - Minor user interface improvements.

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  • Excellent! Just what I needed :)
    Nicholas Etheridge | február 21, 2019 Ellenőrzött letöltés (Mit jelent ez?)

    Kevin has written a great little plugin here, and even added some extra functionality to it that I needed!  Very easy to use.

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