Text on Arc add-in creates sketch text on the selected arc, spline, elliptical arc, conical curve, circle, ellipse or line. This add-in allows you to specify the arc, text, font name, font height, font style, alignment, spacing, offset, kerning and side of the arc. It has an option to break the text into profiles and an option to edit existing text on arc.

  1. Support for various types of curves: arc, spline, elliptical arc, conical curve, circle, line.
  2. Text location adjustable with a grip.
  3. Adjustable spacing between letters.
  4. Text alignment type.
  5. Adjustable font height, type and style.
  6. Kerning.
  7. Single letter spacing.
  8. Flipping text to the other side of the curve.
  9. Exploding text into lines and curves.
  10. Matching an existing font.
  11. Editing existing text on an arc.



Text on Arc trial is limited to preview. You can buy a license at maciejrogowski.com.


バージョン 1.0.11, 2023/10/16
Added support for the new API.


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  • How use?
    Karol Karol | 9月 16, 2020 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    Pls help me, how use it?

    Maciej Rogowski (公開元) | 9月 17, 2020

    Please click on the read help document link above. It has step by step instructions, screenshots, and an instructional video. If you have any questions about installation or usage, feel free to email me at info@maciejrogowski.com.

  • Super good app and Wicked good support
    Chad Schulz | 6月 29, 2020 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    Fantastic app and even better support! My questions have always been answered in minutes, clearly and accuratly. Highly recomend this.

  • Fantastic,works great
    Kenneth Priest | 6月 22, 2020 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    Fantastic.This fixes one of the biggest downfalls in FUSION 360.

    It was very easy to install and it does exactly what I wanted it to do.

     I can now do in one minute today what I couldn't do in 5 hours yesterday. 


    Don't give it too much thought, if you need it or just want it, get it.

  • Great Tool to overcome a BIG Fusion 360 Limitation
    James Krueger | 6月 13, 2020 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    This is a great little tool to help overcome one of the mst frustrating things I have had to deal with in my trasnition to Fusion 360; TEXT! As others have said, there are multi step workarounds, but this is a huge timesaver.

    Thanks for the great little addon!

  • An Affordable Time Saver
    Dayn Slaathaug | 12月 05, 2019 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    The work arounds to get the same effect are possible but this plug in is so quick and efficient it is worth it at twice the price.

    Scott Lewis | 7月 14, 2019 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    Works great and Maciej is very helpful! thanks again

    Scott Lewis | 7月 07, 2024

    Is there an updated version that works with newest update?

    Maciej Rogowski (公開元) | 7月 08, 2024

    The newest version of Text on Arc works with the newest version of Fusion.

    Scott Lewis | 7月 09, 2024

    Thank you for the reply. Got them all working great again!! Thank you for the great add-ins!!

  • Awesome, finally a text on arc feature !
    Zoltan Toth | 7月 09, 2019 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    I edited my review, 
    Finnaly I buyed them, because it's a really cool work, even more with the last update ! 

    Thanks for your cool addon !! Great work