Are you looking for a way to teach the principles of CAD modelling in a playful manner?

Do you need a few minutes of distraction and you don't want to leave your favourite CAD modelling environment?

Have you always wanted to know how Autodesk® Fusion 360™ can be used as a game engine?

Then this completely free addin is made for you!


This addin allows you to play an interactive puzzle game directly in the Fusion 360 CAD environment.

The game is controlled from the command input window and doesn't require any further setup.

All the blocks you see while playing can be kept as CAD bodies and can be processed further once you have finished your game. 

The block size is adjustable, so you can create bodies in any size you want while playing CADTris.

This makes the addin an ideal educational tool to gently introduce the concepts of CAD modelling as it combines gaming with CAD modelling. 


バージョン 1.0.0, 2022/11/09
Initial release


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