ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter for Fusion 360® - Trial

ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter for Fusion 360® - Trial

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OBJ Exporter for Autodesk® Fusion 360® exports solid bodies and sketches to an OBJ file.

ProtoTech converter's outstanding features:


Some more features:  

  1. Supports colors.
  2. Supports export of Parts and Assemblies.
  3. One-click export of multiple Part Assemblies
  4. Option to control the file size and quality by specifying precision value.
  5. There is always a default compression which helps reduces the file size as much as possible.
  6. Supports texture export.
  7. Supports Swap/Flip axis functionality.
  8. Supports Optimize file feature.
  9. Supports material/geometry wise export.
  10. Supports Export properties with JSON and CSV files.
  11. Supports Ungrouping feature.
  12. Supports Export unit feature.
  13. Supports Open File feature. 


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체험판 설명

When you install the plugin for the first time, the free trial version is automatically activated. So, what do you get in the trial?

  • 15 exports for 7 days.
  • Access to the full set of features.

Note: You will need to activate the paid version of the plugin after 15 trial / 7-days trial period. 


Paid Version: 

  1. The cost of the product is 49 USD. You can purchase the product from here. You will receive an activation key automatically, via. email as soon as you purchase this product.
  2. The paid version of this product is a subscription-based single-machine-locked license.
  3. We also provide a floating license, that costs 199 USD. Users can buy the floating license from here.
  4. The automation license costs 199 USD.
  5. For any queries regarding license/activation and any other issues, please feel free to contact
  6. For Licensing and more information about the product please click here.

이 버전 정보

버전 6.023303.3500, 2023-11-07
1. Fixed the linked entity issue 2. Fixed the filename issue for different languages. 3. Fixed issue for texture in mesh entity.

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  • Saves a lot of time, wicked simple
    Jeffrey D | 12월 22, 2021 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    I started using Fusion for Manufacturing but For using Fusion for a more AR / VR / Unreal engine type work flow / non CAD / CAM Manufacutring style (while still getting that CAD modeling style I love and know vs Blender workflow) OBJ Exporter works great and saves me time as opposed to the built in cloud obj export on Fusion (which never seems to export the texures / components right). It also allows me to export textures and component parts, it seems that it seperates the components based on material + lots of options which is most important. The company worked with me to get the plugin working when it stopped and is highly receptive to feedback / answers quickly. Highly recommend it! I can now quickly export a model as an OBJ with mtl file and upload it to places like Sketchfab effortlessly and share my models with people... I like it... Also if you want to create visualizations of your products to share to customers on websites like Shopify ect... having a good OBJ helps! The only thing I wish is a little bit better could be texture editing / texture features (but that is because Fusion is limited with texutring tools in general) This plugin does have a texture export feature I see... I need to learn all the UV unwrapping texture stuff... this exports the colors in the .mtl which for now is perfect and simple for me... but I have seen some people make models with like Substance painter / complex bump map textures that exports the image file as an unwrapped thing... this is great for basic color textures / all I need for now for a real quick tool to create basic 3d models in OBJ. So far I am loving it.

  • Good, but would like more options
    Mitchell Lamb | 6월 24, 2021 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    Unlike the other OBJ exporters, this one exports the bodies seperately which is great! I would like the option to flip the axis so it is oriented correctly in Blender, most of the other exporters have this feature. It would also be nice to have more control over the Facet Tolerance, right now there are only 4 options. This is still the best OBJ exporter out of all the ones I have tried.

  • easy to use but...
    Andre Mercado | 11월 14, 2017 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    the plugin makes for a quick exporter of obj files with a very dumb proof UI. However, the setting s are very limited. the "High" setting for export is not high enough for exporting high resolution models to be used for baking.Maybe by including a "Custom" setting that is saved would resolve this issue.

  • Great Plugin
    Joseph Knappenberger | 6월 21, 2017 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    The plugin makes transferring files from fusion 360 to mudbox so much easier!

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