You need a box for a specified dimension? No problem. The generator will create a box with the specified dimensions, which you can manufacture using laser cutting or milling.


Each method of production has its own characteristics:

- For laser cutting, the plugin takes into account the thickness of the cutting laser parameter (kerf)

- For milling, plug-in takes into account the diameter of the cutter (mill option) and creates the special lugs on the inner corners of the parts to the entry of cutters.


Using these settings, you can easily make the box available/accessible to you in the way you want. With proper parameters, the details will exactly fit to each other, and you do not need to use glue.

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  • Nice demo but ultimately not very useful
    Mark Evans | 11월 20, 2017 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    This is a nice demo of how things can be automated in F360 but in the end, the author quit too soon in development to make it useful for anything. I am impressed with the quality of the scripts. It will make a "box" every time you give it sensible numbers. Its downfall is that there are no provisions for a lid or controlling how many finger joints there are. Get it, use it, but expect to have to do a lot of work on your own to get a useful box.

    Timofei Korotkov (게시자) | 11월 24, 2017

    Mark tnx for your review. You are right that right now that app similar to demo phase. It is my hobby project and unfortunately it is not always possible to give enough time to develop. In plans to give a control on box finger joints (but here I still could find good solution about sketch merging).

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