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ExactFlat Online Publisher

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ExactFlat Online is a fast and simple-to-use 3D flattening solution. This browser-based tool helps manufacturers of Soft Goods produce perfect patterns in minutes rather than hours or even days.


With ExactFlat OnLine, converting Autodesk® Fusion 360™ models to patterns ready for cutting is as simple as 1-2-3:
1. Publish the 3D model from Fusion 360 directly into ExactFlat Online.
2. Flatten the 3D model into 2D with ExactFlat Online.
3. Download the 2D pattern pieces.


And, with monthly or annual pricing applied only when you download a pattern, ExactFlat Online ensures the Fastest and Most Affordable path from CAD to Cutter.


The ExactFlat Online Publisher Plugin is free.  Users must also sign up for the ExactFlat Online service by visiting www.exactflat.com/online. Access to this service is also free.  Users only pay when they download pattern pieces.

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버전 3.1.3, 2018-08-02
3.0.0 - Updated to support direct integration between Fusion 360 and ExactFlat OnLine version 3 3.0.1 - Fix to unit scaling after publish 3.0.2 - Fix issues when bodies or pieces are deleted (FogBugz Case 3878) 3.1.0 - Fixes face selection issue reported Oct 1, 2017. Adds "Publish to Desktop" option. 3.1.3 - Add controls for published mesh size and addresses issues caused by small gaps or duplicate faces created during CAD file translation

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  • over 3 grand a year
    Rich Mansfield | 7월 20, 2019 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    A little steep for use with a bunch of high school kids, hopefully they figure out their own way

    Cliff Brown (게시자) | 8월 01, 2019

    Hello ExactFlat Online Education Price is $59.95 USD per year. The Education license includes full access to the service, as well as a "getting started" session for the instructor or class. We also offer software fee rebates for students who provide articles/case studies which are published on our blog (www.digitalpatterning.net) Please visit the ExactFlat Online Education page to learn more: (https://exactflat.clickfunnels.com/edu) or contact us at Support@exactflat.com

  • A life saver
    Ryan Chickos | 6월 14, 2018

    Works perfect. if you are using a mac you have to use google chrome as safari will not display the graphics. 

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