Text on Arc

Text on Arc

Maciej Rogowski



Text on Arc add-in creates a sketch text on the selected arc, spline, elliptical arc, conical curve or line. This add-in allows you to specify the arc, text, font name, font height, font style, alignment, spacing, offset, kerning and side of the arc. It has an option to break the text into profiles that can be used to create 3D solids and an option to edit an existing text on arc.

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버전 1.0.4, 2019-08-19
Added alignment, spacing, kerning and offset features. Added support for spline, elliptical arc, conical curve and line.

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    Scott Lewis | 7월 14, 2019 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    Works great and Maciej is very helpful! thanks again

  • why sell them out of here ???
    Zoltan Toth | 7월 09, 2019 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    I love this addons, really want to buy them, but why you don't sell them here ? why we need to buy them on your website ...

    Maciej Rogowski (게시자) | 7월 10, 2019

    Hi, some add-ins are sold on developers' websites, see Bommer or Nifty Dogbone. I decided to sell it on my website because I have my own reseller who handles sales taxes for me. App Store has two sales options. One is BlueSnap but they have too high fees for me. The second one is PayPal but they don't handle sales taxes. Therefore I decided to have my own reseller who has low fees. I would have to increase the price to sell with BlueSnap. PayPal doesn't handle sales taxes and it would be very complicated to handle them myself.

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