3DPrintTech for Autodesk® Inventor®

3DPrintTech for Autodesk® Inventor®

Centre for Computational Technologies (CCTech)

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3DPrintTech is designed by Centre for Computational Technologies - CCTech for the benefit of the manufacturing community. 3DPrintTech helps the user print a larger model. The App splits the large model into small components per your printer settings. App supports stl file format of 3D model.


App also creates the connector to help you glue the components to make your original large model. User can define various parameters of splitting. 3DPrintTech has a unique 3D Nesting feature. 3D Nesting helps you combine many small components in one single printing process by 3D packing with clearance. This helps you save time, energy and money. 


Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfqlfGxJXf8



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Version 2.0, 04.10.2016
  1. Units provided for accurate 3D Printing.
  2. Scaling provided for printing larger objects than 3D printer.
  3. Importing STL file format supported.
  4. Export for both split as well as packed parts.
  5. Packing of split objects with document objects.
  6. Explode for better view of split parts.
  7. Connector intersection checks provided.
  8. Distance between connector - connector and connector - model boundary handle provided. 
  9. Splitting without connector is supported.

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  • Upgrade
    Ramon Triana | November 11, 2015 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    Any plan to upgrade to the 2016 version yet? thanks

  • it works well!! Can't wait for optimized and 2016 support!
    Oscar Mathews | Juli 22, 2015 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    I use this and MeshEnabler to split/partition large STL files to snap together after printing on smaller printer. Works very well.

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