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FX64 Parameters

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FX64 Parameters is the new FX64 tool designed to edit the parameters of Autodesk® Inventor® models more efficiently than is possible with the standard Inventor Properties tool.

General Usage Instructions

After installation, the program can be started with a button next to the built in Parameters dialog of Inventor in the Assemble > Manage ribbon panel or the Manage > Manage ribbon panel.

The FX64 Parameters dialog works similar to the parameters Dialog in Inventor, but it is displayed as a modeless form within Inventor (i.e. it does not prevent you from interacting with the Inventor user interface while it is open)

Columns that are displayed with a darker background cannot be edited. The other parameter values such as Equation, Tolerance, Comment etc. can be edited by clicking on the corresponding cell in the listview. The name of a parameter can be changed by double clicking.

You can define custom groups in the settings form which you can access from the toolstrip menu. Parameters can be moved to a custom group via right click context menu and can later also be moved back to their original group in the same way.

If the update option (2nd menu item in the toolstrip) is set to "Immediate", the program will automatically reload the parameters list after a relevant change in the Inventor model has occurred that may have affected the parameters of the model.

Please consult the help documentation included in the program for descriptions of the other functions.




Follow the instructions of the Setup wizard to install the program. The default installation directory of the program is "C:\ProgramData\FX64 Software Solutions\FX64 Parameters".

You can uninstall the program with the Apps & Features functionality of Windows (Start > Settings > Apps & Features > select FX64 Parameters from the list and select Uninstall).

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Company Name: FX64 Software Solutions
Company URL: https://fx64.de/
Support Contact: support@fx64.de

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FX64 Software Solutions

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Version History

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- files of the program are now digitally signed - Inventor 2024 Support - bugfixes for saving/loading parameter group assignments - new option to copy parameters as user parameters - display Nominal & Model Value in the length units set in the document (e.g. mm or inch) instead of always using the internal database unit cm (also applies to angles using deg/rad etc.)


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