Batch Pack and Go Tool

Batch Pack and Go Tool

Win64, English

Autodesk, Inc.
This app allows you to create multiple Pack and Go files at once by reading in *.xlsx files containing part and project file locations.

General Usage Instructions

Create an excel file (.xlsx) with

- First Column (A) including all part/assembly/drawing files to pack, specify the full file path with file name and extension

- Second Column (B) including associated project file, specify the full file path with file name and extension

Save the excel, start Autodesk® Inventor® (tested and confirmed usability with 2017-2019)


1) Run Batch PackAndGo Tool.exe

2) Browse for the created excel file

3) Select desired files from list

4) Select an output folder and desired options (same as in regular Pack and go)

5) Click create



Keep Folder Hierarchy:

Builds a folder hierarchy under the destination folder that preserves the folder hierarchy under the original project locations and copies the selected file and its referenced and referencing files to the appropriate subfolders.


Include Linked Files:

Copies all referenced files to the destination folder, including spreadsheets, text files, and other files.


Skip Libraries:

When selected, library files are not copied with the packaged file. The new project file references the original library locations. The library search paths are made absolute if they were originally relative.


Collect Workgroups:

When selected, collects workgroups and the workspace into a single root folder.


When not selected, a subfolder is named for each non-nested Workspace, Local or Workgroup Search Path, and Library of the original project file from which a source file is copied. These are located under subfolders named Workspace, Locals, Workgroups, or Libraries, respectively, directly under the destination folder.

Make sure that project file location names conform to folder name rules.


Skip Styles:

When selected, Styles are not copied with the packaged file.


Skip Templates:

When selected, Templates are not copied with the packaged file.


Note: Each Pack and Go creates a log file of the operation and places it in the same directory as the packaged file(s). See the log file for information about the packaging operation and the names and source paths of all referenced files.

The log file is overwritten each time you package an Autodesk Inventor file to the same destination.


For further information to the Standard Pack and Go operation and use cases etc., please visit




Simply run the executable file. 

Additional Information

Known Issues

- Barely any error handling.

- Sometimes the created directory for a file cannot be automatically deleted, resulting in an "access denied" error.

-> delete the affected folder(s) manually from the output directory.

- No blank rows in the excel in between files allowed. The table will only be read until the first empty row.

- Loading in multiple *.xlsx files results in weird behavior, limit it to one and make use of the "Reset"-Button.


Company Name: Autodesk, Inc.
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information

Autodesk, Inc.

Support Information

Support Contact:

Version History

Version Number Version Description


- added support for Autodesk Inventor 2022 files - added option "Append file suffix" to add file format to exported zipped folder


Now Inventor doesn’t need to be running in the background anymore.


Fixes / Improvements: - Form is now resizable / maximizable - Reportlog.log gets written to Output Folder, including all processed documents with time stamp as well as any exceptions that occured during runtime - Reset Button to clear the Listbox & selected Excel file - Progress bar resets after the "Operation finished" dialog is closed - Checkbox Settings are now remembered on Application close
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