Easy Piping

Easy Piping

Win64, English

Easy piping application to insert piping components into an Autodesk® Inventor® assembly file.

General Usage Instructions

Easy Piping V1.3 (FREE version)

Instruction manual:  

To start working with Easy Piping, you have to keep a few things in mind. Although it is custom to create an icon in the ribbon structure of the Inventor to start an add‐on program, this is not necessary for Easy Piping. The program can be started from any location, even from an external drive. Because this is only a trial version, it is not necessary to fully integrate it into your working environment.

After starting up, the first thing Easy Piping does is to check if Inventor is running, then the program checks if an assembly file is active and then retrieves the location of your project file. The program requires all the data for correct operation. If one of the conditions is not met, a message box will appear to warn you. If the Inventor was not started, Easy Piping will have to be closed and restarted after the Inventor has been started up completely.

At the top you can choose between Metric and Imperial piping parts, then there is a choice between steel or stainless steel.

During the selection of the different piping components, the picture box on the right will show the selected one. Below the picture box is a text box with the description of the configured component.

Each time something is changed to the configuration, the description changes.

Below the description, there is a text box with the path where the piping component will be saved. A separate directory will be created for each type of item. Easy Piping will create sub‐directory piping in the active project after placing a component. A sub‐directory with the name of the item will then be created in this piping directory.

Depending on the chosen component there are two or three combo boxes at the bottom of the window form. These are to complete the configuration of your item. You can select between different sizes, ratings, lengths and secondary dimensions.

At the bottom right is the green PLACE button. By clicking this button, the program starts inserting the selected item.

Easy Piping first checks whether the chosen component already exists in the directory structure. If this is not the case, the subdirectories will be created and then the new component will be created and saved in its directory.

Then the part is inserted into the assembly. If this is the first part of the assembly, it is placed at coordinates 0,0,0 and fixed by making the part grounded. Otherwise, there will be a request to select a circular edge, a pipe or a flange to connect the new item to.

Then, depending on the chosen item, a few additional questions can be asked such as rotation, reversing the new part or selecting a second part.

If the part did not yet exist, and thus it still had to be created, that will also be shown on the progress bar below. With complex parts such as flanges or bolts, this can take a few seconds.

The Inventor will not be available while creating a new part and it is also not advisable to perform other tasks while placing parts.

The installation of bolts is done in an out-of-the-box method.

Easy Piping asks you to select two flanges and checks if they are the same size and rating. They are then checked to see if they are connected correctly. Easy Piping then creates and inserts an assembly consisting of one real visual part that represents the bolts, nuts, and washers. This part will not be included in the part list. All bolts, nuts, and washers are included as virtual parts. This makes the 3D model workable because the amount of files and constraints remains limited.




Portable exe. No installation is needed. Just double-click the downloaded exe file.

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