Hole Check Lite

Hole Check Lite

Win64, English

Gray Point Software, LLC
Check assemblies for misaligned holes.

General Usage Instructions

Hole Check Lite is easy to use. Just open the Hole Check Lite application and the assembly you want to check in Autodesk® Inventor®. Finally, click the Check Assembly button. If any issues are found, they will be displayed clearly in the application. Double click the issue to go to where it is.

During the checking process, you will not be able to use Inventor. After the process is finished you will be able to use it again. To check another assembly just open it in Inventor and click the Check Assembly button again.

To change any settings, click the gear icon in the top right corner. Then you can change settings to control how the results are displayed, configure the checking parameters, and force the app to stay on top of other windows.

As always, it is important to save your work often. In case of any unexpected errors, you should save your work before running Hole Check Lite.




Run the hole-check-lite-X.X.X.msi and follow the wizard to install the application (Replace the X’s with your version). The installer requires administrator privilege to install, please turn off your UAC(User Accounts Control) before installing it.

To remove this application, uninstall the application via your system's Control Panel.

Additional Information

Known Issues

We tried our best to cover all the ways to add a hole feature, but we are aware of some cases which will yield incorrect results. Below are the cases which are currently unsupported. We hope to support them in the future.

  • Extrude command features that are not actual hole features.
  • Hole feature patterns (ie. rectangular, circular, and mirror) that are not aligned to the part's origin axes.
  • Hole features that were drawn without using a sketch (Pre Inventor 2018).
  • Holes in non-native Inventor files. For example, STEP files.
  • Mating hole features that are separated by another hole feature.
  • Hole features located in an assembly instead of a part.
  • Hole features in derived parts.
  • Assemblies that are opened in express mode.
  • Hole features in mirrored parts.
  • Rectangular and circular hole patterns that are on multiple faces.
  • Slotted holes.
  • Holes in the same part.
  • Holes in assemblies with inseparable or purchased BOM structures.


Company Name: Gray Point Software, LLC

Author/Company Information

Gray Point Software, LLC

Support Information

Email us at graypointsoftware@gmail.com for support, questions, feedback, or requests for enhancements.

If you experience any issues, please send us an email. The more information you can provide the better. If possible, please include the following information in your email:

  • A description of the issue.
  • Non-confidential Inventor files. We will send you an email instructing you on how you can upload the files to us.
  • Application logs. The application logs in Windows computers can be found in %APPDATA%\Roaming\Hole Check\Debug.log.
  • Non-confidential screenshots of the issue.

Version History

Version Number Version Description


- Added support for Inventor 2022. - Major performance improvements. 50% faster check times. - Updated privacy and help documents. - Fix non-english language Windows issue. - Minor log improvements. - Minor code improvements. - Minor UI improvements. - Minor bug fixes.


Initial release.
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