Asset Helper

Asset Helper

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Autodesk, Inc.
Asset Helper is a utility Application for Autodesk® Inventor® that lets you write all your Asset Libraries to Excel sheets, analyze Inventor Part and Assembly document Assets and more.

General Usage Instructions

Write Document Assets

Prior to using this function:

- Load in Autodesk Inventor Part and/or Assembly files you would like to get analyze

- Select an Output Folder


This function creates an Excel Sheet with information of all Assets within the loaded files.

"Only Active" Checkbox:

Determines, if only the one active Appearance/Material Asset in each document gets written. This can be used if

there is always only one Appearance/Material used in your parts/assemblies (e.g. no Multi-Body parts with different Appearances)

Due to less information being read/written, this Checkbox also increases the general performance of the Function.

Excel Sheet:


This column indicates whether the Asset exists in your Asset Libraries or not.


"Differs from Library?" 

This column indicates if the Asset was changed by a user, in which case an additional column "User Modified" will be created for

every Asset Value that was modified.


"Different Appearance assigned?"

Material Assets reference an Appearance (Asset) and a Physical Properties (Asset). In case a user assigned an Appearance different to the one

referenced by the Library Material, this column indicates "TRUE" and the Display Name of the Appearance is assigned instead.

This column only gets populated for the actively applied Material Asset in each document.


After completion, the list of documents will be automatically cleared.


2) Write Asset Libraries


Prior to using this function:

- Select an Output Folder


This function iterates through your Autodesk Inventor Asset Libraries and populates an Excel Sheets with all used Assets and their values.

For the column names the (unique) internal Asset Value name is used.

One sheet will be created separately for Appearances, Materials, Physical Properties Assets and Texture Assets.

The numeric values are in Autodesk Inventor internal units. Please refer to the Autodesk Inventor Help Documentation for more information.


3) Remove unused Textures


Prior to using this function:

- Load in Autodesk Inventor Part and/or Assembly files you would like to get analysed.


You can link external files within Autodesk Inventor documents. This can, for example, be Appearance Textures, Spreadsheets, Text documents, Pictures etc.

In case the reference to such a file cannot be resolved (original file was moved or deleted, missing access to network drive, etc.),

the file information remains within the Autodesk Inventor document though.

This function iterates through each loaded file and deletes such linked files with missing reference.


Note that this function saves each document after processing it.




No installation, simply run "Asset Helper.exe"

Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: Autodesk, Inc.
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Autodesk, Inc.

Support Information

In case of questions or issues, please contact me directly at

Version History

Version Number Version Description


- added support for Autodesk Inventor 2022 - resolved a regression where OLE Links with Missing References couldn't be removed when using "Remove unused Textures"

- Fixed an issue where Virtual Components lead to errors in assemblies - Fixed an issue when removing unused textures - Fixed an issue when using Excel in different Language packs - Fixed an issue where nested sub-assemblies weren't processed correctly and caused errors - Fixed an issue where Weldments caused errors - Resolved issue where users had to save a copy of the produced Excel file after a certain workflow - Minor bug fixes
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