3D Design Exchange

3D Design Exchange

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Centre for Computational Technologies (CCTech)
Add 3D Designs Exchange from Autodesk® Revit®, Autodesk® Inventor®, and 150+ more software into your MS PowerPoint presentations. Try it today and elevate your design communication to a new level.

General Usage Instructions

Install the 3D Design Exchange connector in the Autodesk Construction Cloud® account.

Make sure that you have an Autodesk Construction Cloud License to access the Autodesk Docs projects on ACC

Your Account Administrator must add you to at least one of the projects on ACC.

Make sure that you have the required permissions to the folder where you perform the following actions:.

  • Loading Data Exchange: “View+Download” or higher. For more information, see Folder Permissions.

You may need to restart MS PowerPoint or your computer after installation

Steps to use the app:

  1. Open MS PowerPoint
  2. Go to the Add-ins tab, where you can see the 3D Design Exchange button.
  3. If 3D Design Exchange button is not visible or it is not working then please check if macro is enabled for the MS PowerPoint.
    • To enable macro in MS PowerPoint follow below steps : 
      1. Go to MS PowerPoint
      2. Click on File -> Options -> Click on Trust Center 
      3. In Trust Center dialog, click on "Trust Center Settings..." button
      4. In the Trust center popup go to Macro Settings
      5. Select "Enable all macros" and "Trust access to the VBA project object model" then click on ok button.
  4. Click on the 3D Design Exchange button, it will redirect to the authorization page.
  5. Authorize using the Autodesk ACC credentials.
  6. After successfully authorization go to MS PowerPoint, where the user can see the popup window for loading the exchanges.
  7. Click on the Load Data Exchanges button, it will prompt another popup window where the user will able to see the projects, folders, and exchanges.
  8. Click on the exchange you want to load and then click on the load button.
  9. It will download the exchange and then you can see the exchange load in the MS PowerPoint slide.




Install the 3D Design Exchange by following these steps:

  • Read the System Requirements and Prerequisites.
  • Ensure MS PowerPoint is closed.
  • Double-click the downloaded 3D Design Exchange installer.
  • Click Next and then Install to confirm.
  • Click Finish after successful installation.


To uninstall:

  • Ensure MS PowerPoint is closed.
  • Open the Control Panel from the Windows search bar.
  • Go to Programs > Programs and Features.
  • Select 3D Design Exchange from the list.
  • Click Uninstall, and confirm with Yes.
  • Click OK after successful uninstallation

Additional Information

Known Issues

The loading process for large data exchanges (involving sheet metal and solid body components) may become unresponsive. Even after two hours, the exchange may still not be responsive.

When loading a Data Exchange from a created exchange that contains geometry, the colors associated with the geometry may not appear in the loaded exchange.

When loading a Data Exchange of 2D drawings from Autodesk® AutoCAD® may not appear in the loaded exchange.


Company Name: Centre for Computational Technologies (CCTech)
Company URL: www.cctech.co.in
Support Contact: labs@cctech.co.in

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Centre for Computational Technologies (CCTech)

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