Laser Exporter

Laser Exporter

Win64, English

Fábio Ferreira
Export batch sheet metal faces in DWG and DXF

General Usage Instructions

Open an assembly, or sheet metal and press Laser.

Select the materials, and file type you want to export.

Press Load Info to load all the sheert metal info for each file

Press Export

With Smart order selection it will strat by exporting ambiguous faces, asking you to select the correct ones. After that it will auto-select the correct ones.

3 operations modes:

In an assembly, with no part selected, all sheet metal parts that fit the material filter will be selected.

In an assembly, with parts selected, all selected sheet metal parts that fit the material filter will be selected.

In a part file, only that part will be selected.




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Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: Fábio Ferreira
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information

Fábio Ferreira

Support Information

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Add new method to export faces (Should have better results, and will not need you to select a face)


Fixed conflict between custom and built-in iProperties


Implemented option to use any iProperty as file name Add option to close the program when exporting finishes Bugfixes


Change Log: - Improved folder selection - File name builder - Redesigned UI - Material Selector - Quantity changer - Smart Order - Part viewer


Change Log: - Fixed issue preventing some parts from being saved on a custom directory. - Fixed issue preventing some parts from exporting due to wrong materials, even when "All Materials" was checked. Next Version: - Improved folder selection - File name builder

First Release Next Version: - improved folder selection - File name builder
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