Win32 and 64, English

Separate Vault Browser for Autodesk® Inventor®

General Usage Instructions


  • The new MyVaultBrowser window is visible by default for the first time the addin is loaded.
  • You can dock or undock the window as you like, just like any other dockable windows in Iinventor.
  • Inventor will remember the visibility, floating position or docking state of the browser window.
  • If the window is closed, you can open it from View -> Windows -> User Interface.
  • The original Vault browser is hidden when MyVaultBrowser is open.
  • The original Vault browser is back when MyVaultBrowser is closed.
  • At startup, the addin will check the status of the Vault addin. If  the Vault addin is not loaded, it will ask you to load it.
  • If you unload/reload the Vault addin manually from the Add-in Manager, MyVaultBrowser will stop working, and you will need to unload/reload MyVaultBrowser addin to make it work again.
  • You can add keyboard shortcut to toggle the browser in inventor customize setting.

See for very simple demonstration.




  • The installer that ran when you downloaded this app/plug-in from Autodesk Exchange Store has already installed the app/plug-in.
  • You can unload the plugin without uninstalling it by unchecking the "Loaded/Unloaded" check box associated with the plugin in the Inventor Add-In Manager.
  • You may have to restart Inventor to completely unload the application.
  • To uninstall this plug-in, exit the Autodesk product if you are currently running it, simply rerun the installer, and select the "Uninstall" button.
  • OR, you can uninstall it from 'Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features' (Windows 7/8/8.1) or Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP), just as you would uninstall any other application from your system.

Additional Information

The code is written with VS2015. Some new features in C# 6 are used in the code, and you may need to change these new feature codes to build in lower VS versions. The code is not as elegant as you may expect, feel free to modify it as you need.

Please go to the GitHub project page to download the source code:

Known Issues


Company Name: smilinger

Author/Company Information


Support Information

  • Send email to
  • Send private message in Autodesk forum to smilinger.
  • The addin is open source, you can goto the GitHub project page mentioned above to submit issues.

Version History

Version Number Version Description


- Remove default keyboard shortcut, now you can add keyboard shortcut yourself in inventor customize settings. - Add Find In Browser command to context menu, work with MyVaultBrowser.


- Autodesk Inventor 2017 compatible. - Check if inventor is visible. - Re-add Place From Vault button.


- Minor fix.


- Add support for Inventor 2013.

- Add multi-language support.

- Refine code.



- Minor fix.


MyVaultBrowser v0.9.5

- The addin will not force loading vault addin any more, instead it will ask user to decide.
- Add code to check vault addin status in event handlers, so that the addin will stop backend working if user unloaded the vault addin.


Add keyboard shortcut support.

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