Nest 1D

Nest 1D

Win64, English

Nest 1D is a one-dimensional cut optimizer used to optimize beam or extrusion cutting sequences to ensure that the least amount of material is wasted.

General Usage Instructions

Once installed you can start the app from the Nest 1D icon on your desktop. Data can be entered manually, read from and Excel file and imported from the Autodesk® Inventor® Parts Only BOM.

Once your stock has been defined you can calculate the cutting lists and export the cutting and stock reports.




Install using the installer file

Run the program using the icon on your desktop.

The program can be uninstalled using the Windows "Programs and Features" Control Panel Window.

Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: Micrographics
Support Contact:

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Support Information

Please contact us on

Version History

Version Number Version Description


<1.0.16> - [Fixed] Date imported from Excel failed to calculate <1.0.15> - [New] Added the ability to export other Inventor iProperties to the Notes field in the report. -- The property mapping can be set up from within the Options dialog. -- There is a new video on the Help tab explaining how to configure this. <1.0.12> - [Fixed] Help videos stopped working after reading data from Excel <1.0.11> - [Fixed] Fixed a report exporting bug <1.0.10> - [New] Initial public release


<1.0.12> - [Fixed] Fixed video files not found <1.0.11> - [Fixed] Fixed report bug <1.0.10> - [New] Initial public release
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