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Michael Truell
This application lets you apply a random color appearance from a predefined palette of contrasting colors to each part in an Assembly document.

General Usage Instructions

The ReColor command runs when the user clicks the ReColor Icon which is in the ReColor custom panel available in the Assemble Ribbon in the Assembly environment.

When the user runs the ReColor command the following steps occur:

1. A new Design View Representation named ReColor is created based on the Active Design View Representation.

If a Design View Representation already exists with this name then a prompt will show up asking if the user wants to overwrite the Design View Representation. If the user clicks yes, then the View Representation will be overwritten, I the user clicks No, then a new View Representation is created adding a number to its name. If the user clicks cancel then the operation is aborted.

2. A set of new color appearances is created as custom appearances and is added to the assembly document. These appearances are identified with the prefix ReColor (for example ReColor_Red).

3. The appearance of every part occurrence in the assembly is changed randomly to an appearance set by the AddIn, Same part occurrences will have the same color. During this step a progress bar is shown at the left bottom of the screen, indicating the progress of the operation.

4. The ReColor commands end and the user will see on the screen every part occurrence of the assembly with a different appearance increasing the contrast and visibility.

If the user runs the command again the colors will be replaced with new random ones in the Design View Representation ReColor or a new Design View Representation.




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