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Add custom iProperties in Autodesk® Inventor® with easy to use interface.

General Usage Instructions

"AUTO-CUSTOM-IPROP" works only with the first instance of Inventor opened in Windows.

If you have several Inventor.exe opened, "AUTO-CUSTOM-IPROP" will work only with the first opened.

For user manual go to YouTube channel:



"AUTO-CUSTOM-IPROP" does't require installation.

When run for the first time "AUTO-CUSTOM-IPROP" automatically creates folder "ACI_DATA" (dialog window will inform about that).

Folder "ACI_DATA" is being created in app (.exe) directory.

"ACI_DATA" folder contains all your saved settings.

Additional Information

Known Issues

When You are adding custom iProperties, "AUTO-CUSTOM-IPROP" supresses Inventors's user interface and messages (for faster action).

If Your user interface in Inventor is unresponsive, press "UNLOCK INVE." in "MAIN" tab of "AUTO-CUSTOM-IPROP".


Company Name: LDESIGN / Lukas Loechert /
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information

LDESIGN / Lukas Loechert /

Support Information

For help contact me on:

Version History

Version Number Version Description


- Compatibility with newest INVENTOR - Added drag'n'drop function for adding files to list on 'MAIN' tab - Other fixes


- new LOGO


-changes in menu layout -guided help (flashing red color) when some options are missing -ability to add iProperties to other Inventor files (.ipt, .iam, .idw)


-added ability to change value types in "INVENTOR OPTIONS" > choose from: > Text -> string value > Number(INT) -> integer number > Number(DBL) -> floating point number - changes in recognizing file extension - fixed error when trying to remove items from empty list in ""MAIN"" tab - changes in menu layout - fixed some typos
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