Quantity Tool (PRO)

Quantity Tool (PRO)

Win64, English

Monarch Innovation Private Limited
This is a Professional version of Quantity Tool Free version, with additional features.

General Usage Instructions

1-Browse the project from the drop-down menu. It contains all projects which you already added in Autodesk® Inventor®.

2-User can specify the assembly within that project.

3-User can also enter the quantity of the selected assembly.

4-Execute the process. This will set all the used quantities of the part/assembly in the selected main assembly. For further help assistance click "Help" button on main screen.

5-Pro Version Keeps Excel Record of Unique Parts, Common Parts, Unique Assemblies, Common Assemblies and references.

6-User can select option of "Load Projects List At Start" in config. Removing this will load tool fast. But wont load the active projects list in UI. 

Unique Parts: Lists all the parts which are used once only in the assembly
Common Parts: Lists all the parts which are referred from more than one assembly. Report also lists all the assemblies in which the part is used.

Common Assemblies: Lists all assemblies used in more than one assemblies and lists all of them.
Unique Assemblies: Lists assemblies which are used only once in any assembly.




Double-click on msi installer file and follow the instructions Machine needs Excel installed for generating reports. User can still run the tool without excel for only setting the quantity to part/assembly files.

On first invocation it will ask for the license. User needs administrator privileges for this.

User should activate the tool within 7 days, until then, the app works with full functionality. User has to send registration key to publisher at info@monovative.com and publisher in return will send the license/activation key.

For any queries please contact info@monovative.com for further assistance.

Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: Monarch Innovation Private Limited
Company URL: www.monovative.com
Support Contact: info@monovative.com

Author/Company Information

Monarch Innovation Private Limited

Support Information

Email:  info@monovative.com

Direct: +91- 9974852647

Office: +91- 79 - 40323597

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Added support for Inventor 2024


Added support for Inventor 2023


Added support for Autodesk® Inventor® 2021.
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