FX64 Translation Memory Manager

FX64 Translation Memory Manager

Win64, English

FX64 Software Solutions
Automatically create translated versions of your drawings based on your translation database.

General Usage Instructions

The help file contains a "Getting Started" page that guides you through the first steps with the tool. All relevant functions and features of the program are documented in the help file.

For more information refer the link: https://www.fx64online.com/translation-memory-manager




Please uninstall the previous version of the app and install the custom installer.

Follow the instructions of the Setup wizard to install the program. The default installation directory of the program is "C:\ProgramData\FX64 Software Solutions\FX64 Translation Memory Manager".

You can uninstall the program with the uninstall link in the Windows start menu entry of FX64 Plot, or with the Programs and Features functionality of Windows (Start>Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features > select FX64 Translation Memory Manager from the list and select Uninstall).

Additional Information

The trial version does not have a time limit. Instead, its functionality is limited:

- No batch processing of multiple files in the trial version

- Import and export functions of the database are limited to 5 entities per transaction

- The integrated Google translation is limited to 1000 characters total The installed trial can be unlocked as full version with a serial key. No additional installation required.

- The trial version only translates textboxes, titleblocks and relevant iProperties. Other types of texts in the drawing are only translated by the full version.

Known Issues


Company Name: FX64 Software Solutions
Company URL: https://fx64.de/
Support Contact: support@fx64.de

Author/Company Information

FX64 Software Solutions

Support Information

Version History

Version Number Version Description


- compatibility with Inventor 2024 - files of the program are now digitally signed


compatibility with Inventor 2023


compatibility with Inventor 2022 fixed issue with outdated license file


compatibility with Inventor 2021


Bugfix in VAR functionality / Optimization (Translation Database).


Support for Inventor 2020


Support for Inventor 2019


Support for Inventor 2018


Support for Inventor 2017


Support for Inventor 2016

- supports new numbered list and bullet list notes

- text filter settings for ignoring numerical values, single character texts and leading/trailing whitespace characters

- layer filter setting: specify a list of drawing layers that will be ignored by the program

- extended export and import features for the database

- search feature for database

- performance improvments for larger database files

- fixed minor issues with different loading behavor between the exchange shop "bundle" deployment and the setup exe from the FX64 website


 V 1.2.2 

- fixed error with column header translation (the new "header only" feature didn't work properly)

- fixed error with database export path (program always used the default path regardless of the user input)

- empty drawing view tags are no longer shown as untranslated text in the status dialog

- fixed a problem with the "Add new string" command in the Database UI

V 1.2.1

- extended database import feature

- translated drawing path configuration

- improved search and sorting in database

- neutral text now marked in different color; neutral text property can only be assigned by the user

- option to translate only the column header in part lists and custom tables


V 1.2

- overhaul of the Database Export function; Advanced Export function added

- various minor improvements to performance

if you installed a previous version of the tool, it's recommended to make a BACKUP of the translation database BEFORE installing the new version!

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