FX64 LambdaSpect

FX64 LambdaSpect

Win64, English

FX64 Software Solutions
LambdaSpect is an integrated light simulation tool that works in the Autodesk® Inventor® Assembly environment.

General Usage Instructions

The program registers a custom Ribbon toolbar. The LambdaSpect Ribbon is only visible in the Inventor Assembly and Part environments or when no documents are active ("ZeroDoc" environment). From this toolbar, you can access all LambdaSpect functions. You can use the commands of the underlying Autodesk/Microsoft Ribbon technology to manipulate the display properties, location, alignments etc. of the Ribbon Interface.

Please follow the instruction in the included help documentation. The help file contains a "Getting Started" page that guides you through the first steps. Program functions are documented in the help file.




Download the Setup (EXE) file and run the Setup. Follow the instructions of the Setup Wizard to install the tool. Unistall via the shortcut in the Windows Start menu, the uninstaller EXE in the program's root directory or via the 'Programs and Features' function of Windows.

Additional Information

The trial version of the program comes without time limitation but instead with limited functionality.

In trial mode the software runs with the following restrictions:

  • max. 1000 rays in CPU simulation
  • max. 100,000 rays in GPU simulation
  • max. 5 components in the Assembly

Known Issues


Company Name: FX64 Software Solutions
Company URL: https://fx64.de/
Support Contact: support@fx64.de

Author/Company Information

FX64 Software Solutions

Support Information

Version History

Version Number Version Description


- added a timeout to the OpenCL compilation that is run during setup. If the compilation process cannot be finished within 10 minutes, the program will terminate it. - bugfix light source energy distribution: if custom lightsource has more than 1 face, the energy of the light source is now distributed to all faces in GPU simulation - bugfix scattering & reflection: CPU calculation now distributes rays on reflecting surfaces with scattering in the correct direction (reflection was not considered before) - send assembly: if email cannot be sent, the folder with the zip file is opened so that user can send it manually - icon bugfix: LambdaSpect add-in displayed wrong icons in the Inventor context menu "repeat last command" entry - browser item selection now selects the corresponding face for lightsource subitems - light face raycount optimization: update of lightsources with many faces now skips redundant API calls and is now faster - exe and dll files are now digitally signed


- Inventor 2024 Compatibility - Bugfix in animation control: program did not react to button clicks after starting the animation in Inventor 2024 - Fixed issue with numeric input textboxes interpreting letter "e" as exponent notation - Fixed issue with an internal exception in the GPU translation code for rectangular faces


Inventor 2023 Compatibility


Inventor 2022 Compatibility


fixed issue with wrong module ID in license check


LambdaSpect 2020


LambdaSpect 2019


LambdaSpect 2018


LambdaSpect 2017


LambdaSpect 2016

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