Anaglyph (Inv)

Anaglyph (Inv)

Win32 and 64, English

Arkance Systems (CAD Studio)
Creates red-cyan anaglyphs in Autodesk® Inventor®

General Usage Instructions

When you run the Anaglyph command, a dialog will appear. This dialog provides you with the selection options and settings.
You can specify the "Eye distance" (by default: 1/10 of the view vector size) which influences the amount of the 3D stereo effect. The Width and Height parameters of the "Bitmap size" specify the resolution of the generated stereogram - the 3D anaglyph bitmap file. The anaglyph will be captured according to the specified options from the current view (in a perspective) and converted to a PNG bitmap file (image) saved in the original folder of the current document (model). The PNG image file with the anaglyph has the same name as the model. Subsequent runs of the Anaglyph command on the same model will overwrite this file.

Anaglyphs are created from perspective views. The current view will remain in a perspective mode after the Anaglyph command. 




The installer that ran when you downloaded this app/plug-in from Autodesk App Store will start installing the app/plug-in. OR, simply double-click the downloaded installer to install the app/plugin.

To uninstall this plug-in, exit the Autodesk product if you are currently running it, simply rerun the installer, and select the "Uninstall" button. OR, click Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features (Windows 7/8.1/10) and uninstall as you would any other application from your system.

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Arkance Systems (CAD Studio)

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Inventor 2021 compatibility added without changing version


Initial version for Inventor (2015-compatibility without version change)

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