Design Checker

Design Checker

Win64, English

Autodesk, Inc.
The Design Checker is a productivity solution for the designer to design checking with company standards for the product being designed. Live Checking gives instant feedback during the design process.

General Usage Instructions

Load the Design Checker addin and the Design Checker tab will show on the ribbon, click the Options command to define if enable live-checking, on-demand checking can be executed if the live-checking is disabled.

Click Configure Profiles to define your own profile or use existing profiles for your documents, a profile can be set as default for newly created documents.




Run the AutodeskInventorDesignChecker.msi and follow the wizard to install the plugin. The installer required administrator privilege to install, please turn off your UAC(User Accounts Control) before installing it.

The Microsoft ReportViewer 2010 is required to display the design checker results report, you can download it from below site:

Also the Microsoft ReportViewer 2010 is included in the installer package, at the end step when you install the AutodeskInventorDesignChecker.msi you can click the Documentation button to view the help for install/uninstall and there you can find the link to install the included Microsoft ReportViewer 2010.

To remove this plugin, uninstall the application via your system's Control Panel. To unload this plugin, uncheck the "Load Automatically" and restart Inventor causes the plugin not to be loaded in future sessions of Inventor.

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Company Name: Autodesk, Inc.
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Autodesk, Inc.

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Version History

Version Number Version Description


1.0.10 Support Inventor 2020. 1.0.9 Enable the Design Checker Results browser even the Enable LiveCheck is unchecked. 1.0.8 Enable the addin for Inventor 2019. 1.0.7 Fix a bug when double click gauge may raise error. 1.0.6 Enable the addin for Inventor 2018. 1.0.5 Enable the addin for Inventor 2017. Fix a bug that when do shrinkwrap it raise error. Fix a bug so that when Live Check is checked it will re-check a document when it is just opened.. 1.0.4 Enable the addin for Inventor 2016. Fix a bug that live check indicators are not hidden when their related documents are deactivated. Fix a bug so that the Overlay View would not be regarded as the Overlapping Views failure. 1.0.3 Enable the addin for Inventor 2015. Fix a bug that when new an assembly profile there is an unassigned check (Assembly Constraints). 1.0.2 Fix a bug that Hole Size Increments numbers causes exception in French OS. Fix a bug that returns unnecessary failure for weldment component. 1.0.1 Fix a bug which returns wrong hole accessibility result. 1.0.0 Initial release.
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