Getting Sales and Engineering working together to produce accurate and timely proposals for configurable products can be a challenge at the best of times. The current difficulties with finding and retaining good people in both disciplines make it even harder to respond to customers’ requests.  


Variant is a web-based configurator that is built on the Autodesk® Forge platform and was developed for manufacturing customers that want to streamline their quotation and design-to-manufacturing processes.


Variant captures and extends the expertise of the design department to a company’s sales team, dealer channel, or even the end customer. This enables users without any Autodesk® Inventor® knowledge to accurately configure products, produce drawings, and generate quotes. Administrators can control whether users receive a quote immediately or through Request for Quotation.

Trial Description

The Trial site enables users to configure, price and quote previously enabled models from the perspective of an end-user. It does not provide access to administrative functions such as;

  • Loading your own models
  • Accessing the analytics
  • Changing between Quotation and Request for Quotation mode
  • Changing of user permissions

About This Version

Version 2023.1, 9/19/2022
Initial trial version for the Autodesk App Store, incorporating newly added support for Autodesk® Inventor® 2023

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