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DesignX is a powerful Autodesk Inventor add-in that focuses on the big picture, from simplification to automation, allowing users to engineer with higher efficiency. It is made to be as generic as possible, comprised of toolsets that are useful for everyone. If you are looking for fully-customized or specific toolsets, you may not find an answer here.

Inventor users may find DesignX Tutorials over here.

  • File Finder

  • User-Defined iProperty Integration

  • Smart Drawing with Projected Views

  • Part Modeling Assistant Toolset

  • Feature-Based Appearance Assignment

  • Geometric Deviation Analysis

  • Batch Drawing to PDF

  • File Finder

  • User-Defined iProperty Integration

  • Smart Drawing with Projected Views

  • Assembly Constraint Assistant Toolset

  • Batch Component Drawing Creator

  • Smart Explode to Drawing

  • Batch Drawing to PDF

  • Create Exploded Representation

  • Selected Parts to IGES

  • File Finder

  • Quick Access Drawing Customization

  • Drawing Dimension Enhancement Tools

  • Hole-Centerline Assistance

  • Batch Drawing to PDF


Note More features will be introduced as we develop add-ins

Trial Description

DesignX is labelled as Trial because we have included an activation process in our application to protect our intellectual property. However, we are providing full access to Inventor users.

To gain full access, please contact our sales team sales@drawbridge.com.my and cc to designx@drawbridge.com.my for enhanced support. We will provide the activation code for you to activate the Add-ins.

For activation, you may find the “Activate” Button on the ribbon panel before opening and creating any document.

Remember to run Inventor with Adminstrator Mode (Run with Administrator) before entering the activation code provided by Drawbridge. (Version 2.0.4 or Older)

“Activate” will prompt you to a message box for Activation.

About This Version

Version 2.0.5, 6/6/2024
*** For Full Version Access, Activation Is Required *** <2.0.5> - [New] Batch Drawing To PDF - [New] Create Exploded Representation - [New] Selected Parts To IGES - [New] Major Update to Adopt and Remove the Need to "Run As Administrator" for DesignX - [New] Major Update to improve Inventor Version Compatibility (Including Inventor 2025) <2.0.4> - [New] Official Release on App Store - [Fixed] Resolved Needs to Reactivate After Windows Update <2.0.3> - [New] Enhanced Automation Customization - [New] Axis Auto Exploded in Assembly for Drawing View <2.0.2> - [Fixed] Removed Excessive Logo - [Fixed] New Email Support Specifically for Add-in Application - [Fixed] Update UI Description <2.0.1> - [New] Supplied Custom Drawing Templates (Version Specific) - [New] Simplified Trial Access to Add-in Application <2.0.0> - [New] Introduced Inventor 2023, 2024 Full Compatibility - [New] Introduced Drawing Generation with Dimensions - [New] Introduced Mass/Multiple Drawing Generation <1.0.6> - [New] Introduced Lite Version <1.0.5> - [New] Added Responsive Load-Behavior to Document Types - [New] Provided Video Supports/Tutorials for users <1.0.4> - [New] Added Responsive Load-Behavior to Document Types - [New] Added Direct Access to Settings <1.0.3> - [Fixed] Removed Autodesk Duplication (Features) - [Fixed] Optimized Toolset's Workflow <1.0.2> - [New] Organized and Categorized Ribbon UI - [New] Added Preference UI for users <1.0.1> - [New] Introduced to Drawbridge's Extension for Inventor - [New] Introduced Inventor 2024 Full Compatibility

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  • A Hidden Gem
    Kevin Ho | April 02, 2024 Verified Download (What's this?)

    At first, I am not too keen with the thing inside, but the documentation site and help videos are actually crazy! Hope this review can get people to try this. Took some time to get the activation code though.

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