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The app is developed to make your everyday tasks easier, not only the engineering part but also the documentation and production preparation.


This addin consists of different tools that are listed below.


Engineering and Documentation


Iprop Tool 

This tool grants easy access to all the properties of a specific part or assembly, saving time by circumventing the need to sort through various tabs.


Copy design

With this functionality you can copy a part or assembly to a new file and it will also copy the drawing if it exists. For now there are two limitations to this tool. 

1) The drawing should have the same name and should be in the same folder as the part or assembly.

2) It does not work with an automatic numbering system.


Plane constrain 

This tool is included specifically for assembly. It visualizes three basic planes for selected parts, after which the user is free to add any constraints. This is particularly helpful when replacing individual parts on an assembly as it circumvents error from these constraints.


Production preparation 

This section contains a Batch plot tool. It publishes files from the items that belong to the current open assembly. It can plot drawings to pdf, stepfiles, Lasercut DXF or print all drawings.


Filters can be applied to the stepfiles and Lasercut DXF files so that certain parts are filtered out. The printing tool has an option to choose paper size (A1 - A4).


Batchplot window has two data grid views:

1) Lists the information about sheet metal parts (flatpattern, length, material, and mass)

2) Lists information about all parts in your assembly. You can see if all the parts have a drawing, material, mass. etc.


After publishing you will find a text file which shows the parts with missing drawings or sheetmetal part not having a flatpattern.



The trial version is for 20 days. In the trail version the batch plot has limited functions to 10 files. You can buy a full version inside the application by using paypal.

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About This Version

Version 1.4, 4/12/2016


- The sheetmetal filter had a bug

- Image from sheetmetal files went wrong


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  • Nice app for better and faster design
    Jeroen Bril | July 20, 2015 Verified Download (What's this?)

    The return of investment time is really short :-)

  • A real time saver
    marc witten | December 19, 2014 Verified Download (What's this?)

    A real time saver

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