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CADsys-Store name of the user

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For the Autodesk® Inventor® model, the app helps to document which user last saved it. Also, the last saved date can be used for documentation as a drawing signature.


The app updates the value of the iProperty "designer". By Inventor's basic functionality, the value of this iProperty is stored by default with the name of the user, who originally created the model. By the add-in, this name will be overwritten when saving a part model (*.ipt), an assembly model (*.iam) or a drawing document (*.idw) with the username of the currently logged on user on the operating system.


Also, a user-defined iProperty for the storage date is updated and can be tracked. By default, the name of the original author is found in the iProperty "author".



  • Traceability of the last storage
  • An efficient way of filling the drawing signature (editor/date)
  • Helps in implementation of company guidelines.


After installation, the app is available in trial mode for 30 days.

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Version 3.0, 12/18/2019
Supports Autodesk® Inventor® 2020

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