I guess, you might have come across this situation?


Someone, on the other side of the world is asking for a part file(ipt), or the storage place of an idw/iam file—how do you get this information to them as quickly as possible? 


Normally, you would have to search for the file in Windows Explorer, —this will take take time (depending on your folder structure), and you may not be sure you have found the right file. The other way is to search inside the iProperties for the folder and filename.


With this app, you can avoid this problem and can complete the task much more quickly. Simply open an ipt/iam/idw file and start the app. Choose a folder or filename and then use the text information in your email program or send the information as a hyperlink to other people.


A simple app that makes life easy for Autodesk® Inventor® users.

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Version 1.0.1, 3/27/2018
Added 2019 compatibility

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