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Snappy DXF is a very nifty application for Autodesk® Inventor® users who are spending quite some time on creating DXF files. Snappy DXF can cut the time spent on creating DXF files by at least 80%. If you spend on average about a minute per DXF file, you should REALLY be considering trying Snappy DXF today; it is seriously a huge time saver.

Snappy DXF works with all Autodesk Inventor versions from 2015 and above and can export any part file or sheet metal file into a DXF file.

The way Snappy DXF works:
1. You open a drawing file or multiple drawings files with the detailed items
2. You select the views you want the DXF files for
3. You add the selected views to SnappyDXF
4. Snappy DXF creates a new drawing file with:
    • each of your selected views (parts) on a separate sheet
    • no dimensions on the sheet
    • option: bend lines hidden or shown
    • each sheet renamed to the Part Name of the view on the sheet
    • the view set to scale 1:1, ‘Hidden Line Removed’, Thread Features turned off
    • under the view the information that needs to be present (optional)
5. This new drawing file can be checked, saved or printed for your records
6. Select or create a folder where the DXF files will be saved to
7. Provide a file prefix
8. Snappy DXF will generate the DXF files
9. Done!

This application comes with a fully featured 30 day trial.

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