Time Stamp is an Autodesk® Inventor® add-in that provides:


· A low cost, simple to use tool that adds plot time information to your prints.

· A plot stamp that does not dirty the Inventor drawing document.

· A simple, dockable user interface that keeps out of the way.


The Time Stamp editor lets you size, position, and orient the stamp relative to the adjacent sheet edges. You can include date, time, and current user information in the stamp. The time stamp only appears on the plot, it does not alter the Inventor drawing.


The Time Stamp application you download from the Autodesk Exchange app store is a 30 day trial version. If you want to continue using Time Stamp after the trial period, visit us at  http://www.c3mcad.com

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About This Version

Version, 5/25/2016
Support for Inventor 2017. Time Stamp settings, including active/not active, are now retained when all documents have been closed in the current Inventor session. Settings are also retained between Inventor sessions. Digitally signed for Inventor 2016-2017.

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  • Re: Gut
    Neil Munro | July 03, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Save-as is not supported but if you print to a PDF file the stamp is included.

  • Gut
    Tjeerd Mittelmeyer | June 26, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)

    funktioniert leider nicht beim abspeichern als PDF

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